Marko Knez - Trener & Coach vsi programi

Marko Knez holds Professional Certified Coach credentials (PCC - ICF) - ICF and  EIA SENIOR within EMCC  (Evropski svet za coaching in mentorstvo) and works as a Business & Life Coach, Facilitator, Mentor, and Trainer. He is Jungian Master Coach & Professional Integral Coach certified by ICF and Organizational Coach within EMCC Global.

His coaching style is based on integral and Jungian psychology and is collaborative, pragmatic, and people-centered, where he aims to combine support and challenge in an appropriate balance. 




Marko Knez is a coach who draws upon his wealth of learning and experiences to empower individuals and teams, enabling them to expand their capabilities and achieve peak performance.

Marko specializes in various areas, including soft skills and communication development, self-awareness, subconscious mechanisms, cultural intelligence, mentoring, and both business and life coaching. Holding the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from ICF and EIA SENIOR within EMCC Global, he serves as a Business & Life Coach, Facilitator, Mentor, and Trainer.


His coaching style is rooted in integral and Jungian psychology, characterized by a collaborative, pragmatic, and people-centered approach. Marko strives to strike the right balance between providing support and challenge, thereby helping individuals and teams gain a deeper understanding of themselves, effectively express their ideas and goals, enhance communication and collaboration, develop resilience, and become more prepared for the challenges posed by constant change. This approach encourages them to envision possibilities beyond their current operations, ultimately achieving sustainable and inspiring results.

Marko's expertise spans various topics, including leadership and change management, performance improvement, communication excellence, imposter syndrome, self-confidence, resilience, stress management, well-being, conflict resolution, boundary setting, team development, and addressing complex challenges.


He is deeply passionate about exploring ancient knowledge and traditions to enrich his coaching and training skills. Marko's extensive experience, garnered over more than two decades in event management and public relations, has equipped him with the ability to craft and narrate unforgettable stories, excel in public appearances, and thrive under the pressures of tight timelines and rapidly changing circumstances.


Marko is a valued faculty member (trainer, mentor, and facilitator) in several ICF and EMCC-accredited coaching programs. His role is to support coaches in cultivating a coaching mindset and expanding their coaching capacity.

He is involved with programs such as "Embody Your Coaching Wisdom Povej na Glas," "The Integral Institute & Jungian Coaching Slovenia," and more.

Furthermore, Marko serves as a trainer, facilitator, and mentor for "Embody Your Coaching Wisdom – Embody Integral Coaching & Leadership EQA Practitioner in ACTP - LEVEL 2) – ICF." He is also a trainer and facilitator for "Jungian Coaching Slovenija" and a facilitator for "Integral Coaching ACTP LEVEL 2 – ICF (KAdanismanlik The Integral Institute)." Additionally, he works as a trainer at "Expressive Arts Coaching & Therapy in Action," a therapeutic program.

Marko offers coaching and training in multiple languages, including Slovene, English, Croatian, and Serbian.


Coaching certification

·Strozzi Institute – Embodiment facilitator, Transformative coach
·Grof Transpersonal Training – transpersonal psychology
·Expressive Arts Coaching & Therapy -  CEAT praktikant in facilitator – CEAT coach
·Elevate – Bussines coaching EMCC – EQA Foundation
·Jungian Coaching School - Jungian Coach, Jungian Master Coach, Master Trainer
·Embody Your Coaching Wisdom - Organizational Coach
·Integral Institute – Professional Certified Integral Leadership Coach


Marko is committed to professional development and is regularly supervised as part of her CPD.  

Marko is an active member of the International Coach Federation and  ICF  Slovenia Charter Chapter.



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