Explore the World of Leadership Coaching with Our CF-Accredited I.C. Integral Coaching™ Program


In the dynamic landscape of coaching, the past three decades have witnessed significant growth and progress, particularly in the realm of leadership coaching. Standing out among these advancements is the I.C. Integral Coaching™ program, a pioneering initiative that seamlessly blends corporate and individual entrepreneurship with extensive experience in leadership development.

Our Vision and Mission: At I.C. Integral Coaching™, our mission is to empower leaders and shape the future through a comprehensive training program for leadership coaches. We envision a cohort of coaching professionals who will make a positive impact on organizations, offering unwavering support to leaders and their teams both now and in the future.




  • ICF Accreditation: Our program holds the esteemed status of a LEVEL 2 – Accredited Coach Training Program by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • Comprehensive Training: With six modules encompassing 133 hours, the I.C. Integral Coaching™ program provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills.
  • Certification: Successful participants earn the designation of CPIC - Certified Professional Integral Coach™, and subject to meeting ICF requirements, they can obtain ACC – Associate Certified Coach or PCC – Professional Certified Coach credentials.  


Embark on a transformative journey with our I.C. Integral Coaching™ program, meticulously designed to empower leaders with a comprehensive and holistic approach. Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), this program offers a unique blend of corporate and individual entrepreneurship, bringing a fresh perspective to leadership coaching.

In our six-module course, encompassing 133 hours, participants gain the coveted Certified Professional Integral Coach™ (CPIC) designation. The program, organized in collaboration with The Integral Institute KA Danismanlik and Povej na Glas, stands out as an Accredited Coach Training Program (LEVEL 2), setting the highest industry standards.


Why Choose I.C. Integral Coaching™?

  • Integral Approach: Navigate the complexities of leadership by embracing a holistic approach that considers both interior consciousness and exterior physical complexity. This ensures a balanced and inclusive perspective.

  • Comprehensive Learning Experience: Enjoy coaching demonstrations, practice sessions, supervision, and mentoring throughout each module. Experience continuous support for your growth and the development of your coaching style.

  • All-Inclusive Tuition: Your tuition covers all aspects, leaving no room for additional fees. Benefit from inclusive sessions, course materials, coaching sessions, mentoring, and the certification process.

  • Skill Enhancement and Certification: Build your leadership and coaching skills, LEVEL 2 - Integral Coaching program and become a C.P.I.C™ – Certified Professional Integral Coach.

  • ICF Recognized Programs: The I.C. Integral Coaching Program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), ensuring the highest industry standards. Earn the C.P.I.C. Certified Professional Integral Coach designation.

  • Experience and Learning Integration: Gain practical experience while delving into the core principles of coaching, exploring the latest theories, and understanding foundational information. Recognize your strengths and areas for improvement as a coach.

  • Future-Focused Leadership: Identify the challenges and dynamics leaders will face in the future. Understand the pivotal role of leaders in organizations, and team objectives, and elevate your impact as a coach to new heights.

  • Training Language: Immerse yourself in an English-language learning environment, ensuring a seamless and effective educational experience.

Embark on a holistic learning journey with the I.C. Integral Coaching Program, where every facet is meticulously designed to empower you as a leader and coach.




In the realm of the integral approach, we delve into the profound concept of working with the whole. This entails cultivating a deep understanding of both the interior levels of consciousness and their corresponding exterior levels of physical complexity. By incorporating both dimensions, we unlock a more balanced and inclusive approach that transforms our perspective.

At the heart of our methodology are the four domains, aptly abbreviated as IOS, representing the four fundamental perspectives on any occasion. These domains encapsulate the four essential ways of looking at anything: the "I" (the inside of the individual), the "it" (the outside of the individual), the "we" (the inside of the collective), and the "its" (the outside of the collective).

The quadrants, which encompass both the inner and outer realms of both the individual and the collective, form the cornerstone of our systemic approach. The crux of the matter lies in the integration of all four quadrants, a fundamental requirement for achieving true integral understanding.

In our coaching practice, we address these four domains with a client-centric approach, ensuring that no essential element is overlooked. This encompasses elements, states of consciousness, stages of development, and types – all vital components that contribute to a comprehensive view of the individual and their context.

The integral approach serves as a guiding light, allowing you to perceive yourself and the world around you in more profound and effective ways. As you engage with this approach, you will elevate your understanding of human development, enhance your coaching competencies aligned with ICF standards, and refine your coaching interventions. By seamlessly integrating integral lenses and ontological approaches, you will excel in crafting transformative coaching interventions that stand out in their comprehensiveness and efficacy.




Integral Coaching ™ Program CERTIFICATION consists of:

Module I & 2: Essentials & Process - The essentials module starts the Integral Coaching journey by providing core terminology of Coaching, core coaching competencies, and Integral Methodology as well as an understanding systemic view. In this module, the focus is to set the foundation, provide baseline information on the Integral Model and also be compatible with ICF Coaching Competencies, set essential skills in action with excessive coaching practices as well as get feedback. Participants will learn, experience, apply, and internalize the integral Coaching foundation within this module through a wide lens. They will embody the core coaching skills with advanced coaching techniques. Besides, they will receive feedback from experts to progress and improve said skills.


Module 3 & 4: Deep Diving & Spirit - The 'Deep Dive' module puts Coach and Client at heart as personalities. Understanding the Coach and Client from an integral perspective, focusing on the value set behind, focusing on unconscious processes, discovering both seen and unseen value systems, identities, and internal saboteurs, and using their essential coaching skills such as systemic listening and powerful questioning within the Quadrants structure are main topics of the module. Coaching practices and gathering feedback/supervision sessions are also in place. We continue with the ‘Spirit’ module, which starts with our perception of the World as a Coach and human from an elements/five-ring perspective. This framework provides a roadmap for the Coach on how to use the energy generated from inner interactions of elements in coaching practice. A roadmap will be created by the energy created from the internal dynamics of the elements for the coach to use in his practice. As in all other modules, the two essentials, i.e., ICF Core Competencies and Integral Approach will be reviewed during every practice, and feedback/supervision will be provided.


Module 5: Alchemy & Integration - The ‘Alchemy’ module is about putting all base skills, knowledge, learnings, and experiences together and transforming them into an Integral Coaching Journey. “The Integral Coaching Map” is presented at this stage and combines the skills, information, and experiences learned in all the modules with the “trust the process” mindset, which encourages participants to use their skills, start “Hero’s Journey” and having at hand “The Integral Coaching Map”. being not afraid of getting lost. In this module, we are integrating whole knowledge through deep practice. Participants will experience working with guest clients, and this is the module where a live coaching day takes place. Participants will receive feedback from the instructors.


Module 6 - Mentoring Mastery Certified Professional Integral Coach Process – Mastery Process The CPIC Certified Professional Integral Coach™ process includes individual study, a self-evaluation development plan, 10 hours of mentorship (1-day group mentoring as 1-day group workshop (7 hours) and 3 individual mentoring hours with a mentor coach), you will be required to complete a series of practical coaching sessions, write a coaching case study as a reflective essay and demonstrate your coaching competencies through live and recorded practice. As a result, participants will achieve competence individually and collectively and along with living implementations, be well versed in their coaching competencies, and embody them with experience. Participants who complete the program will have the right to become CPIC - Certified Professional Integral Coach™ - and assuming they’ve met the other conditions required by ICF, they’ll be able to obtain the credentials of ACC – Associate Certified Coach or PCC – Professional Certified Coach.




  • Sami Bugay: Master Trainer and Master Certified Coach MCC-ICF, Registered ICF Mentor Coach, ICF ACCESSOR for PCC level, NCC - Certified Ontological Coach, Organizational Constellations Trainer, and Accredited Cultural Transformation practitioner from Turkey. Author of the ITC Integral Team Coaching book.

  • Jasna Knez: Master Trainer, Master Certified Coach (MCC), EIA MASTER Certified Coach and Mentor, ITCA Team Coach, and Coaching Supervisor ESIA accredited by both professional bodies, European and International. PCC for ICF and EIA for EMCC Assessor.

The assisting team will join the faculty.




Training dates and schedule hours:

  • The program will be run live, and in-person learning as well as some additional activities will be held online. (If you cannot attend live (in-person), you can join via online Zoom in real-time (hybrid learning will be possible). Practicum Mastergroup and coaching supervision are run virtually.

1.& 2. Modules: (9.30 - 18.00 each day)

  • Extra group online supervision
  • Integration online practicum Mastermind group

3. & 4. Modules: (9.30 - 18.00 each day)

  • Extra group online supervision
  • Integration online practicum Mastermind group

5. Module: (9.30 - 18.00 each day)

6. Module: Mastery process

  • This process is held in the time frame of 4 - 6 months, and you can adapt it to your own pace and schedule as it is an individual process.




INTEGRAL COACHING CERTIFICATION Certified Professional Integral Coach Process™ - LEVEL 2 C.P.I.C.

  • Integral Coaching LEVEL 2 - 6 modules program price 4250,00€ + VAT
  • Possible payment in 5 installments
  • If only the price is the obstacle, do contact us, and we will find a suitable solution.
  • We will accept only 10 participants. The program is run in English.




I.C. Integral Coaching™ methodology was created by Sami M. Bugay (MCC) and the KA team as part of the I.L. Integral Leadership™, I.C. Integral Coaching ™, and I.T.C. Integral Team Coaching™ based on Ken Wilber’s AQAL model.

Bugay, who spent years in management, thought at length about leadership development and discovered coaching in 2001, which he saw as a vehicle for self-improvement. After graduating from six different coaching programs and conducting more than 7000 hours of coaching, he began to concentrate on ‘providing meaning’ to his work.

In 2006, Bugay was introduced to Ken Wilber and the Integral Philosophy during the Integral Leadership training in Boulder, Colorado. After working with the program for a considerable length of time, he became aware that the missing piece in his work was inclusiveness, which is a core component of integral philosophy. Casting off from that point, he redefined it to bring ‘balance’ to the leadership development process, embrace the insight provided by lasting paradoxical circumstances, accept the dilemmas caused by the ‘unconscious self,’ and be fueled by the dynamic and creative power of chaos.

Bugay, who is a prelector of The School of Life founded by Alain de Botton, is also the author of the book “ITC - Integrated Team Coaching”, ICF Turkey President 2016-2018, the mentor of Endeavor Turkey and a member of the Consultative Committee, as well as the director and head educator of the “I.C. Integral Coaching ™” coaching program.





Sanja Zdunić, direktor tvrtke Da za edukaciju
Ako me pitate, kako općenito donosim odluke, moj odgovor bi bio – prema mojoj intuiciji. Ako moj unutarnji glas kaže – go Sanja, ja uistinu IDEM u neki projekt bez prevelike analize i razmišljanja. Just go! Naravno, uvijek spremna prihvatiti rizik i pogreške. Krizna situacija (Covid 19) prisilila me je da sjednem i razmišljam o svakoj odluci, svakom next stepu mene kao Managera, moje kompanije i mojih ljudi. Integralni pristup pomogao mi je da intuitivno odlučivanje  nije uvijek pravi odabir. Ono što sam u krizi shvatila o sebi (“I” domain) da sam Manager koji se boji “neizvjesnosti”. Kako organizirati poslovanje bez jasnog plana, termina i rokova? Kako osigurati kruh? Naučila sam da postoji domena “ITS” koja je jača od mene, mog entuzijazma i poriva da stvari guram i pushiram.  I ta me je domena prisilila na STOP,  strpljenje i prihvaćanje.  Konačno sam razumjela vrijednosti moje obitelji (“WE” domain) – važno je štedjeti i misliti na crne dane i osigurati cash flow u mojoj kompaniji. Ono najvrednije, naučila sam uključiti druge s pitanjem (IT domain) – što ćemo sada, kako ćemo se ponašati? Strahovati, plakati, povući se ili krenuti u učenje novih skillova i pokrenuti business u novom smjeru.  To je bila izvrsna odluka!
Mirna Radošević, Chief Reinvention officer Salveo CEE Group
„Danas kao savjetnica za razvoj i jedna od suosnivačica Salvea nemam formalnu titulu lidera u organizaciji no nakon programa integralnog coachinga postala sam puno svjesnija svojeg utjecaja  na druge kao „tihi“ lider iz pozadine te sam značajno promijenila svoj pristup i način komunikacije sa svim osobama s kojima ulazim u interakciju. Integralni pristup mi je pomogao da ponovno postanem radoznala, da budem prisutnija i da se moja komunikacija bazira na postavljanju otvorenih pitanja kako bih omogućila veću razinu razumijevanja i povezanosti. Promijenio se način na koji slušam i ja to volim reći da više ne slušam samo ušima već cijelim svojim tijelom. Pratim dubinu daha, ton glasa, pokrete tijela, emocije i ono što osvijestim postaje baza za našu daljnju komunikaciju.   Posljedično tome se veliki dio mog radnog vremena okrenuo prema well-beingu odnosno balansiranju poslovnog i privatnog/društevnog života naših članova tima kao i naših partnera.  Organizaciju promatram kao cjeloviti sustav koji čine svi članovi tima, a zdravlje organizacije kao rezultat osobnog (emocionalnog, racionalnog, duhovnog i fizičkog) stanja svakog pojedinca. Podržavajući članove tima da urone u svoju kompleksnost, nastojim doprinijeti evoluirajućem procesu sretnih i zdravih pojedinaca koji rade u zdravoj i uspješnoj organizaciji. „
Pia Barborič Jurjaševič, Generalna direktorica Tobačna Ljubljana
»Ljudje pogosto mislimo, da smo odrasli na splošno enaki v razvoju - z razliko v spretnostih ali inteligenci. Čeprav sta takšni spremenljivki, kot sta spretnost in inteligenca, očitno pomembni, menim, da je razumevanje različnih svetov posameznika kot okolja, ključni dejavnik, ki nam pomaga do boljših rezultatov. Integralni pristop mi kot vodji omogoča jasno strukturo in holističen način vodenja. Osredotoča se tako na človeka v vsej svoji celoti kot na poslovni  problem oz. cilj, vključuje način delovanja, kulturo podjetja in strukturo organizacije ter poslovnih procesov. Vse je med seboj povezano in če želimo biti uspešni kot vodje moramo vsakemu področju nameniti pozornost in fokus. Tak način integralnega vodenja pelje do uravnoteženosti  in sistematičnosti.  Morda se bomo tako lahko soočili z izzivom, ki ga predlaga Ervin Schrodinger: Naloga ni toliko videti tisto, česar še nihče ni videl, ampak misliti tisto, česar še nihče ni mislil o tem, kar vsi vidijo. «


Piškotki za analitiko
Ti se uporabljajo za beleženje analitike obsikanosti spletne strani in nam zagotavljajo podatke na podlagi katerih lahko zagotovimo boljšo uporabniško izkušnjo.
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