ICF accredited training for professional LEADERSHIP coaches 

Integral Coaching  Certification program™ is aimed for leaders & coaches & trainers who want to extend their competencies and learn how to apply Integral theory and knowledge, agile coaching skills and attitude to their coaching path. Become certified leadership coach by attending life changing program. 

Organized in cooperation with The Integral Institute KA Danismanlik and Integral Coaching & Leadership Povej na Glas.




INTEGRAL LEADERSHIP COACHING ™ CERTIFICATION - 1                                                                                                                                                                                         


Why is our coaching program aimed at coaches of leaders?


Today’s leaders face unpredictable and complex moral systems, motivation factors and working styles. New approaches, perspectives, strategies and methods are required to provide a fresh outlook toward the teams, the leaders, and the system in order to overcome these complex, unpredictable, and contradictory structures.


Until today, management, consulting, and coaching systems concentrated on one aspect in regards to the issues and events leaders encounter such as; team relations and systemic conditions, their influence, the perception which they create, and the inner dynamics involved. This has been the cause for missing the ‘Whole’ in regards to approach and context for the developed solutions.


I.L. Integral Leadership™* came about so as to enhance the perspective and approach of leaders towards a given situation as well as hasten and ease their ability to see the system and themselves from a new and broader angle.


Using this perspective, the main goal of the I.C. Integral Coaching™ program is to train coaches who can support leaders during each process while focusing on the whole picture and be those who will aim to provide a positive transformation in the world throughout their careers.


* I.L. Integral Leadership™ for C-Suite and I.L. Integral Leadership™ for Managers, are programs with a holistic approach which has been developed for the purpose of enhancing leadership skills.


What is this program? How will it benefit you?


I.C. Integral Coaching™, is a coaching program which was designed with future orientated holistic theories, research, and methodology rooted in strong practices and experience.


I.C. Integral Coaching™ Program, consists of I04 training hours in level I (Certification Degree) and I33 training hours in total including level II (ACTP) as approved and certified by International Coach Federation (ICF).


During this entire process, participants will receive full and continued support from ICF accredited senior coaches who’ve dedicated themselves to personal and professional growth.


All participants will receive a personal development plan.


With our small classes and subgroups, participants will develop their skills alongside other professionals and leaders in a safe environment which will lay the groundwork down for a lifetime of connections.


I.C. Integral Coaching™ develops leadership and coaching skills while preparing participants for the 5 modules of the ACC-ICF accreditation. After completion of the 5 modules, participants will be able to enter the ACC-ICF accreditation exam. Upon successful completion of the 6th module, participants will have the ability to obtain the CPIC - Certified Professional Integral Coach™  accreditation which will allow them to obtain PCC fromIC F upon completion of coaching hours and other requirements as required by ICF without the need for an additional exam.


The curriculum, which consists of 5 modules, for a total of I5 days, with each module lasting three days. As part of this program, participants will practice their coaching skills with other participants, receive feedback, take a final exam and deliver a live coaching session with a potential client.


All books, materials, coaching, guidance, and level I certificate will be provided without any additional cost

Training will be given in English.



I.C. Integral Coaching ™ Program CERTIFICATION L1 consist of five modules.


Module I: Essentials 11.-13.2.2021 IN PERSON


The 3 days Essentials module starts the Integral Coaching journey by providing core terminology of Coaching and Integral Methodology. 

The road to Integral Coaching begins with the explanation of the terminologies which are the cornerstones of the coaching and integral methodology in the three day ‘Essentials’ module. The focal point of this module is to outline the foundations of ICF Core Coaching Competencies and Integral Theory.

Participants will learn, experience, apply, and internalize integral coaching found within this module through a wide lens. They will embody the core coaching skills with advanced coaching techniques. In addition, they will receive feedback from experts in order to progress and improve said skills.


Module II: Process 18.-20.3.2021 ON LINE LIVE


The three day ‘Process’ module focuses on Integral Theory through coaching with the Emotion-Discourse-Body perspective.

The critical purpose of this module is to create a balance between the ‘Doing’ and the ‘Being’ within the clients development. In this module, participants will be able to examine themselves and their clients in depth; living through the experiences of emotion, discourse, and body, they will come to understand that they’re in dynamic and compatible relationships. As in all modules, the two components; ICF Core Coaching Competencies and Integral Approach, will be observed, assessed and given feedback during the coaching sessions.


Module III: Deep Diving 16.-18.4.2021 IN PERSON


The three day ‘Deep Dive’ module will put the coach and the participant deep into the heart of the experience. The main purpose module is; for the coach to understand himself and the client in a holistic view, focusing on both seen and unseen value systems, and using their essential coaching skills such as systemic listening and questioning. In this module, participants will integrate and apply their coaching skills collectively while receiving feedback and assessment from the trainers.

We are practicing and integrating coaching skills - experience and integrate coaching as a way of being. Coaching practices and gathering feedback/supervision sessions are also in place.


Module IV: Spirit  13.-15.5.2021 ON LINE LIVE


The three day ‘Spirit’ module, begins with us seeing the world from the perspective of the five elements as a coach and as an individual. Within this frame, a roadmap will be created by the energy created from the internal dynamics of the elements for the coach to use in his practice. As in all other modules, the two essentials, i.e., ICF Core Competencies and Integral Approach, will be reviewed during every practice and feedback/assessment will be provided.


Module V: Alchemy 10. - 12.6.2021


The final essential study, the three day ‘Alchemy’ module, relates to combining the skills, information, and experiences learned in the first four modules and through it transforming them into an ‘Integrated Coaching Map’.

This module will allow participants to use their experience with a ‘trust in the coaching process’ mindset and encourage them to begin their ‘Hero's Journey’. In this module, participants will experience working with guest clients and receive assessment/feedback from the instructors.





As one part of the first level program, each participant will take a final exam, have a live session with a potential client in order to exhibit their coaching skills and receive feedback from the instructors.

  • Practical Coaching Sessions – Participants will have to join a series of sessions while acting as a coach, client, and observer. These sessions will also be under a formal review by a professional coach within the program and group.
  • Individual Study – Reading materials, case studies, assignments
  • Two coaching sessions by a Professional coach
  • Coaching practice between each module
  • Study Group – GPS group (coach, client, observer) for implementation
  • Live Coaching Day - Final exam with feedback
  • Graduation 104 hours

With the completion of the first section of the I.C. Integral Coaching™  program, participants will have completed an important step in their journey to improve themselves both as individuals and as leaders and attain self-fulfillment for the future while embodying the holistic coaching approach.



By the completion of ACSTH part of I.C. Integral Coaching™ program, you will be building yourself for future, growing as an integral person and leader while embodying an integral coaching mindset.




  • Sami Bugay is a Master Trainer and Master Certified Coach MCC-ICF, Registered ICF Mentor Coach, ICF Accessor for PCC level, NCC - Certified Ontological Coach, Organizational Constellations Trainer, Accredited Cultural Transformation practitioner from Turkey. He is author of ITC Integral Team Coaching book.
  • Ozlem Erter is a Master Trainer and Master Certified Coach, PCC, CPCC, ORSCC, Accredited Cultural Transformation practitioner from Turkey
  • Jasna Knez is a Master Trainer,  Executive &  Systemic Team Coach, ACC -ICF, EIA SENIOR - EMCC, CPC Organizational Constellation practitioner and Embodied approach facilitator from Slovenia.




Training dates and schedule hours:

1. Module 1: 11. -13.2.2021 (first day 14 - 19h, rest two days 9 – 18 h) IN PERSON

2. Module 2: 18. –20.3.2021 (first day 16.30 - 18.30h, rest two days 9 – 12h and 14 - 16h) ON LINE LIVE 

3. Module 3: 16. –18.4.2021 (first day 14 - 19h, rest two days 9 – 18 h)  IN PERSON 

4. Module 4: 13. – 15.5.2021 (first day 16.30 - 18.30h, rest two days 9 - 12h and 14 - 16h) ON LINE LIVE 

5. Module 5:  10. –12.06.2021 (first day 15 - 19, rest two days from 9 – 17.00 h) IN PERSON

+ extra individual supervison 1h per module


Location: Povej na Glas, Dolenjska cesta 242b, Ljubljana


PROGRAM FEE and possible payment options


I.C. Integral Leadership Coaching ™ Program CERTIFICATION L1  (acsth certifiacte)


1. Program fee 3300,00€ + vat. Payment possible in 5 instalments.

2. Program fee 3000,00€ + vat. Payment in one instalment. 

A. Gain 300,00€ discount for payment in one instalment. (price 3000,00€ + vat) 

B. Gain 495,00€ discount for payment in one instalment if you apply early bird. (price 2805,00 + vat€)

C. Gain 33000€ discount in you apply early bird and pay in 5 instalments (price 2970,00€ + vat).

D. Gain extra 5% if you are ICF Slovenia Chapter member or PNG Alumni, Coaching Mastery and Embodied integral coaching & leadership wisdom intensive students.


Early bird till 15.12.2020. Will accept only 10 participants. Program is run in English. 




Certified Professional Integral Coach Process – Mastery Process     


If you are in your path to become professional coach and this will be your profession in the future, we offer advanced level.

After completing Integral Coaching Certification L1, participants are invited to continue to C.P.I.C. – Certified Professional Integral Coach mastery program to complete ACTP program which will assure you to apply directly for individual credentialing levels of ACC or PCC  at International Coach Federation-ICF.



CPIC Accreditation and Mastering Coaching 


I.C.  Integral Coaching™ – CPIC  Certified Professional Integral Coach™


If you are on the path to becoming a professional coach, and if your future career is to be coaching, we present a program that not only perfects your coaching skills but will further your leadership skills as well.


After fulfilling the first level of I.C. Integral Coaching™, in order to complete the ACTP program and receive accreditation, participants will be invited to the CPIC Certified Professional Integral Coach™ masters program.  Upon successful completion of this program participants will be able to attain accreditation by ICF without entering an exam assuming other prerequisites such as 100 coaching hours for ACC, 500 hours for PCC, CKA, etc.


The CPIC Certified Professional Integral Coach™ process includes individual study, group study, self-evaluation development plan, coaching case study, three webinars, observation sessions, 10 hours of mentorship, observed coaching and exam, and 60 hours of logged coaching practice. As a result, participants will achieve competence individually and collectively and along with live implementations, be well versed in their coaching competencies and will embody them with experience.


Leadership has the ability to handle polarity and make space for each one.

                                                                                                                                     - Sami Bugay

                                                                                                                         Master Certified Coach-ICF




L2 C.P.I.C. is coaching mastery process. In addition to this intensive program, you will be required to complete a series of practical coaching sessions, individual work, a self-study, a written assignment, mentoring and group work and demonstrate your coaching competencies through live and recorded practice. 


  1. Written Assessment – You will be required to complete a 500 - 1500-word written assessment in the form of a case study, completing and submitting three ICF core competency and I.C. Integral Coaching™ self-assessments reflective essay, summarizing your learnings and developmental plans for your coaching practice for review with assigned faculty.
  2. Practical coaching sessions – You will be required to attend three online Learning Group conference calls with your three-to four-person class peers– study group to support you, hold you accountable and practice integral coaching in roles of coach, client and observer.
  3. Mentoring and observation process – You will be required to attending three online classes observed by mentor. These sessions will also include formal supervision by a professional coach under group mentoring (7h). 
  4. Individual mentoring – you will have 3h of 1 on 1 mentoring with an MCC or PCC to ensure you are ready to make a recording that shows your proficiency.
  5. Coaching log – you will be required completing 30 hours of individual coaching between Module I (start of I.C. Integral Coaching™) and submitting a log verifying the coaching hours
  6. Final examination - Coaching demonstration – You will be required submitting two (max 40 min. length recorded) coaching sessions and accompanying post coaching session reflection for review with assigned faculty  
  7. C.P.I.C.  Certification - Passing an objective and a faculty-observed coaching exam (online or face to face) and gaining certification (ACTP – 136units))

13.6..2021 - Mentoring workshoop in person



INTEGRAL COACHING CERTIFICATION Certified Professional Integral Coach Process™ - L2 C.P.I.C.  (individual process June – August 2021)


1. Program fee L2 is 1850,00€ + vat. 


ALL INN (2 in1) I.C. Integral Coaching Program™ CERTIFICATION L1+L2

Save  600€ ALL IN in early bird

1. Apply for ALL IN and get SUPERB price - 1250,00€  

Save  400€ ALL IN in regular

1. Apply for ALL IN and get SUPERB price – 1450,00€  


Early bird till 15.12.2020. Will accept only 10 participants. Program is run in English. 



About methodology

I.C. Integral Coaching™ methodology was created by Sami M. Bugay (MCC) and the KA team, as part of the I.L. Integral Leadership™, I.C. Integral Coaching ™, and I.T.C. Integral Team Coaching™ based off of Ken Wilber’s AQAL model.


Bugay, who spent years in management, thought in length about leadership development and discovered coaching in 2001 which he saw as a vehicle for self-improvement. After graduating from six different coaching programs and conducting more than 7000 hours of coaching, he began to concentrate on ‘providing meaning’ to his work.


In the year 2006, Bugay was introduced to Ken Wilber and the Integral Philosophy during the Integral Leadership training in Boulder, Colorado. After working with the program for a considerable length of time, he became aware that the missing piece in his work was the inclusiveness, which is a core component in integral philosophy. Casting off from that point, he redefined it in an effort to bring ‘balance’ to the leadership development process, embrace the insight provided by lasting paradoxical circumstances, accept the dilemmas caused by the ‘unconscious self’, and be fueled by the dynamic and creative power of chaos.


Bugay, who is a prelector of The School of Life founded by Alain de Botton, is also author of the book “ITC - Integrated Team Coaching”, ICF Turkey President 2016-2018, the mentor of Endeavor Turkey and a member of the Consultative Committee, as well as the director and head educator of the “I.C. Integral Coaching ™” coaching program.






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