Marko Knez - Trainer & Coach all programs

Meet Marko, an accomplished and certified Professional Coach with extensive experience in leadership and team coaching. He proudly holds individual accreditations from two prominent global networks: the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) with the EIA Senior Practitioner Individual Accreditation.

He is a specialist in working with the unconscious and Jungian approach, being a Jungian Master Coach and a trainer, CEAT (Expressive Arts Coach & Therapy), and an Embodiment Coaching practitioner. His diverse skill set includes being a C.P.I.C. Integral Coach, Jungian Coach, and facilitator. Marko is particularly passionate about holistic and somatic approaches to working with individuals, focusing on a comprehensive understanding of mind, body, and spirit.




Marko as a coach leverages his learning and experiences to help individuals and teams expand their capabilities, to deliver peak performance. His specialist areas include soft skills and communication development, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, subconscious mechanisms, mentoring, and coaching.

Marko's journey involves extensive experiences across diverse fields, with a standout expertise in human behavior, quantum and transpersonal psychology, and deep spiritual and soul matrix work. His joy lies in exploring ancient knowledge and traditions, and continually enhancing his training and coaching practices.


His coaching style is grounded in integral and Jungian psychology, offering a collaborative, pragmatic, and people-centered approach. He strives to strike a balance between providing support and presenting challenges. This methodology empowers individuals to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, express their ideas and goals more effectively, enhance communication and collaboration skills, build resilience, and develop readiness for the constant changes in today's world.

Marko engages in creating an environment that fosters learning and growth through dialogue, shared frameworks, and experimentation. This process leads to increased confidence for individuals and strengthens organizational bench capabilities. Drawing from his rich and diverse experiences—spanning over two decades in event management and public relations, including running the largest event management agency in Slovenia and creating groundbreaking events—he has honed skills in storytelling, public appearances, and thriving under the pressure of time and rapidly changing circumstances.


As a Faculty member in various ICF and EMCC-accredited programs, he actively contributes to shaping the next generation of coaches and leaders. Through training and mentoring he assists individuals in cultivating a coaching mindset, expanding their capacity, and fostering maturity.


Marko serves as a trainer, facilitator, and mentor for "Embody Your Coaching Wisdom – Embody Integral Coaching & Leadership EQA Practitioner in ACTP - LEVEL 2) – ICF." He is also a trainer and facilitator for "Jungian Coaching Slovenija" and a facilitator for "Integral Coaching ACTP LEVEL 2 – ICF (KAdanismanlik The Integral Institute)." Additionally, he works as a trainer at "Expressive Arts Coaching & Therapy in Action," a therapeutic program.

Marko offers coaching and training in multiple languages, including Slovene, English and Serbian.


Coaching certification

·Strozzi Institute – Embodiment facilitator, Transformative coach
·Grof Transpersonal Training – transpersonal psychology
·Expressive Arts Coaching & Therapy -  CEAT praktikant in facilitator – CEAT coach
·Elevate – Bussines coaching EMCC – EQA Foundation
·Jungian Coaching School - Jungian Coach, Jungian Master Coach, Master Trainer
·Embody Your Coaching Wisdom - Organizational Coach
·Integral Institute – Professional Certified Integral Leadership Coach


Committed to maintaining a high standard of professional expertise, he is an active member of global coaching organizations, including the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). He actively participates in regular coaching supervision to continually enhance and refine his coaching practice.



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