Naše poslanstvo je poiskati izjemnost v vas in vam omogočiti, da vaši potenciali v vas tudi zaživijo in se udejanjijo



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Komunikacijski trening & coaching, Februar - April 2024, Šola naprednih komunikacijskih veščin
Embody Your Coaching Wisdom - Organizacijski Coach, LEVEL 2 (ACTP) in EQA Practitioner mednarodna akreditacija 2 v 1, 2024 Generacija
Oktober - December 24, 1xtedensko, celostno izobraževanje javnega nastopanja in komunikacije
Leadership Integralni coaching C.P.I.C, Mednarodno certificiranje ICF - Sprejem prijav za 2025

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D.B., Regional MKT Manager: "Jasna uses comprehensive approach and continuously encourages you to overcome inner obstacles in order to become more in touch with yourself. After each session I felt empowered , motivated and ready for a change towards becoming a better leader and a better person. Jasna always made me feel I could move mountains after each coaching. It gave me confidence and belief that I can do more. And I wanted to do more. And I did more. Whole coaching was for me a »once in a lifetime« experience and I'm forever grateful."


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