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Komunikacijski trening & coaching, Februar - April 2024, Šola naprednih komunikacijskih veščin
Embody Your Coaching Wisdom - Organizacijski Coach, LEVEL 2 (ACTP) in EQA Practitioner mednarodna akreditacija 2 v 1, 2024 Generacija
Oktober - December 24, 1xtedensko, celostno izobraževanje javnega nastopanja in komunikacije
Leadership Integralni coaching C.P.I.C, Mednarodno certificiranje ICF - Sprejem prijav za 2025

Special Guest

We are honored to announce that Jasna Knez, MCC & MP, has been selected among the top 100 Master Coaches worldwide. Listen to an inspiring conversation with Mel Leow, MCC, where Jasna shares her developmental journey, challenges, and her passion for coaching.


Business Skills and Coaching Development

Our trainings are educational yet fun, reflective, and experiential. We advocate for ontological learning, ensuring comprehensive training. Check how we enjoy education and what our participants say about the training experience.


Our Approach

Our work is based on experiential learning and advanced techniques, allowing clients and participants in our programs to achieve transformative changes at a deeper level. We emphasize a holistic understanding of individuals and organizations, providing a comprehensive approach for sustainable development.

Nina Pušlar about us

Nina Pušlar Speaks Out about her experience and work with Jasna.

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