Embody your Coaching Wisdom as Leader (Leadership advanced program)

 ECW2 Calling you on heroic journey  


Take your leadership practice to the next level of mastery and deepen your understanding of self-growth through integral and systemic approach in this advanced CCE accredited program by International Coach Federation. Gain 24 CCE units (13 CC & 11 RD).






Embody your Coaching Wisdom as Leader © intensive program introduces the heroic journey of becoming whole through circulation power of principles applying integral and systemic approach in leadership through coaching. You will embody and activate coaching leadership wisdom. You will develop skills to confidently embody the person, the coach, the leader you want to be. 


You will be introduced to systemic agile methods and learn how to shift ineffective moods, aquire new techniques & moves that will help you move towards your goals. You will develop your perception to see others in a more holistic way and learn to use inner wisdom as a generative force to engage with complexity and uncertainty. Master your path. 


What to expect:

  • Embodied practice as coaching & leadership tools: You will use your eyes, ears, feeling of your body and relationship with it, to sense context you are in. Learn to center.
  • Systemic approach in understanding the structure of individual, team, organization and their blind spots through the lenses of integral approach. Understanding systems and crucial dynamics. Learn to cope with uncertainty. 
  • Integral wisdom through spiral dynamics and systems influencing within and outside human beings. 
  • Integral leadership and coaching method as tools for transformation - deepens a coach's and leader's understanding, application, and embodiment of integral method.
  • Recognizing our dominant pole and which is our complementary pole, our leadership lenses. 
  • Exploration of the integral vibration movement and its effects on the physical, emotional and intellectual level.
  • You will learn from the present moment: atonement, narrative, authenticity, inner power and wisdom of unconsciousness and power of consciousness through body intelligence. Activating systems and leading energies to become whole all on experimental basis. New era - new leadership!
  • Practice of self-observation, developing attention and subtler perception. Finding your true leader power. Cultivate agility.
  • Organizational constellations and mapping to reprogram limiting beliefs and identification of trapped emotions within us. Find your limit of questioning. Creativity – questioning for mastery.
  • Your insights and inspirations will come from your own arts.  We will explore insights – what wants to emerge. It is a powerful way to develop an authenticity, empathetic presence, and build trust and confidence while working with whole.  
  • Real - life examples form trainers practice, demonstrations and case studies.
  • Very practical approach through experimental basis and mentoring.



Embody coaching & leadership wisdom is 6 days advanced program combines theoretical learning, experiential practice and mentoring on mastering your leadership skills through coaching systemic approach.

The target population of the training are leaders and managers working with individuals, groups & teams and are seeking new and alternative ways to improve their managerial styles in this uncertain times and coaches working in leadership. We are inviting individuals who are committed as lifelong learners to the next level, accompanied with integral and systemic approach of a fulfilling skills how to dance through life and are ready to partner with clients in deeper and more potent ways.



This program will be offered on the place that will offer intimacy and all requirements for work in group, pairs and individually. Slovenia - Ljubljana.

Dates: September 2021, 5 full days




DAY 1 from 9.30  – 18.00
  • Welcome.
  • Attunement to here and now – where we want to come.
  • Introduction to training structure.
  • Fundamentals and dynamics of human behavior.
  • Being & doing.
  • Spiral dynamics.
  • Fundamental tools in coaching & leadership and use of systemic thinking to learning approach. 
  • Systems influencing withing and outside human beings.
  • Models  of embodiment coahcing - where potential lies.
  • My heroic journey: light and shadow of my leadership style.
  • Experimental basis individual, pairs and group practice. Individual and group discussions.
  • Fast learning methodology for self - reflection through body intelligence zone intro.


DAY 2 From  9.30 – 18
  • Cultivating mindfulness.
  • Domains of human orientation.
  • Working with whole.
  • How to work with current experience as vehicle for growth.
  • Inner power and wisdom of unconsciousness and power of consciousness. 
  • How to work in individual client universe in the best possible way, with the awareness of all pitfalls.
  • Synchronic resonances - mapping. Profound stand-alone intervention.
  • Co-participating - know how to use yourself in the relationship to powerful effect - fast learning methodology for self-reflection.
    • Case studies and experiences from experienced coaches
  • Experimental basis individual, pairs and group practice.
  • Students  practice with feedback from faculty.


 DAY 3 From  9.30 – 18
  • Embracing polarities. Polarities in the system. Recognizing polarities.
  • Understand and work with resistance in the change process. Dealing with defense mechanisms.
  • Dominant pole versus complementary pole. 
  • How to shift ineffective moods and learn techniques & moves that will help you move towards your goals.
  • Systemic constellations for greater understanding and different levels of use.
  • Demonstration coaching leaders & leadership coaching practice. 
  • Experimental basis individual, pairs and group practice. Individual and group discussions.
  • Use inner wisdom as generative force to engage with complexity.
  • Master your path.
  • Body intelligence zone - Exploration and their effects on the physical, emotional and intellectual level.
  • Homework.


DAY 4 From 9.30 - 18.
  • Integral leadership. How to work in individual client universe in the best possible way.
  • How to shift ineffective moods and learn techniques & moves that will help you move towards your goals.
  • Our creativity - questioning. What is our limit of questioning. Powerful questions for mastery your path.
  • Practice through diferent perspectives (context vs. identity).
  • Experimental basis individual, pairs and group practice. Individual and group discussions. 
  • Energy transmission – Energy transmission involves the transmission of a high-vibration energy that supports you in the way that benefits you the most at the time. It works at all levels. This means at the physical or cellular, emotional, mental and spiritual levels – all at the same time.
  • Fast learning methodology for self-reflection.  
  • Free time for networking.


DAY 5  From 9.30 - 18
  • Body intelligence zone ®  - exploration of the archetypal movement and their effects on the physical, emotional and intellectual level throug leadership domains.
  • Integral leadership and coaching.
  • IOS and how to deal with them in coaching & leadership. 
  • Acquiring techniques to understand integral operating systems by KW.
  • What does the systems relates to - systemic  and projective techniques in coaching - working with client constellations.
  • Demonstration and practice, feedback from faculty. 
  • Fast learning methodology for self-reflection.  
  • Embody your coaching & leadership wisdom - integration.
  • Reflection.
  • Ending ceremony and certificates of attendance.


Note: Program will be held in English language. We will offer transformative experience.  





Our International team consist of expert trainers and coaches who have unique and proven experience in combination of various coaching modalities.

Experienced Embodied & Ontological Master Coaches, Leadership trainers and Somatic masters. We believe that mastery is achieved only by integrating our head, heart and gut. We have to know ourselves well to really own our impact. So our method is integral and goes on connection of four parts:

  • body or. how we function,
  • identity or. inner theatre,
  • mind – way of thinking,
  • soul – who you need to become,
  • systems.


Support and presence of facilitators & teachers will be at all times  to help you develop your competence and distinction. It is a great learning environment to be in together in this transformative quest.


Jasna Knez is a Master Trainer, Systemic Team Coach,  Executive & Jungian Master Coach & Expressive Arts Coach and C.P.I.C. Integral Coach, PCC - ICF, EMCC EIA SENIOR and Embodied approach facilitator from Slovenia.

She is specializing in coaching in companies and organizations applying systemic , integral and Jungian Psychology as well Creative Expressive Arts approaches. Jasna has a broad range of business experience, understanding the company’s organisms, workplace relationships and human behavior. She works with business professionals as well as other individuals and groups, with the aim of achieving wanted results and losing unproductive and sometimes destructive behavioral patterns. Strongly passionate about helping to push the boundaries of what people can really become, in her work she uses an impactful combination of different modalities, techniques and methods: a wide range of coaching, games, creative art techniques, Jungian, quantum, systemic and different cognitive approaches, mindfulness, contact improvisation and somatic & embodied approach that incorporate learning by doing or learning by experiencing. As a trainer she is a part of the teaching and facilitating team in Coaching Mastery Slovenia program, Expressive Arts in Coaching and Jungian Coaching ICF accredited programs. She is facilitating in Expressive Arts Therapy Slovenia program. She is a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council Croatia, Coaching Association Slovenia and International Coach Federation. 


Sami Bugay is a Master Trainer and Master Certified Coach MCC-ICF, Registered ICF Mentor Coach, NCC - Certified Ontological Coach, Jungian Master Coach and Organizational Constellations Trainer from Turkey. 

Having continued his professional training and education over the years not only form coaching, but deeply from Organizational Constellations (Bert Hellinger Institute Holland), Group & team coaching, Gestalt coaching & gestalt working with groups (Gestalt Institute of Cleveland), Jungian Coaching, ect. Sami also mentors and develops emerging coaches as an ICF accredited Mentor Coach. Sami’s extensive background in strategy and business management is a great asset to Sami’s current coaching practice, which includes one-to-one coaching of high level managers (at the ‘C’ level- CEO, COO, CFO etc.), team and group coaching, as well as delivery of professional training for leading companies on leadership development, coaching, feedback and communication, and other organizational development subjects. Sami is also faculty member of The School of Life, acting mentor in Endeavor Turkey as a member of advisory board and he serves as President of ICF Turkey  between 2016-18 and his book on team coaching “ITC Integral Team Coaching” recently published in Turkish and soon will be available in English.

Sami developed and led the “Turkish Coaches Supporting Turkish Entrepreneurs” project which later earned the “Local Spirit Global Presence Award” from ICF International at the Annual International Conference in Montreal.

As a trainer and mentor coach he is a part of the teaching and facilitating team in Jungian Coaching ICF accredited program and Integral leadership coaching program.


Sanja Zdunić, is a Master Trainer, Executive Coach & Expressive Arts Therapist Practitioner  & Jungian Coach from Croatia.

Sanja by profession prof. sociology, most of her carrier aimed at service industry, particularly in hospitality. Sanja is committed to teach/train on persistent and consistent “Customer Care” topics – guest/client/satisfaction and on service quality improvements.  Her competency in mastering business process in hospitality results in designing purposeful educational programs, drafting communication standards and competency models for hotel departments.  Focus of her work is TOJ (Training on the Job), i.e. practical work in order to guarantee prompt implementation of learned skills.  Her basic methodological principle is KISS“ – keep it super simple! Sanja has designed M4M – Mentoring for Managers program targeted for future hotel managers. Her main strength is in creating positive, supportive and motivating environment for learning. Since she is art therapist practitioner, in her work she combines art modalities in order to encourage participant’ creativity and expressivity. She continuously provides Train the Trainer program teaching on how to transfer the knowledge. She has invented the method:  „Teach, Train, and Transform“.  Sanja successfully combines work with leaders and their teams, helping them to achieve mutual understanding, development, result and joy of new emerging changes. Her main standard of work is letter „E“ – work with Emotion, Energy & Enthusiasm. 


Marko Knez is a Trainer, Executive Coach & C.P.I.C. Integral Coach, Expressive Arts & Jungian Master Coach and Embodied approach facilitator from Slovenia.

He is a passionate explorer of old knowledge and traditions, oriented towards understanding human psyche and human functioning.  He strongly believes that working with people needs to be deep but extremely conscious and safe, therefore in his trainings he leads participants through their body, heart and soul level, beyond their limiting beliefs in order to make progress and not quit. He is driven by openness, originality, creativity, and win-win thinking and believes that beyond imagination we can find transformation.
He is part of the facilitating and teaching team in Mindfulness programs (mindfulness retreats) and  Jungian Coaching ICF accredited program. His motto is: Do ​​it right! Work for the right people! Work with the right people! He studied neuroscience, quantum & transpersonal  psychology, training and coaching skills. He is a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council Croatia. 


Kristina De Ventus  is a Gurdijeff Movements & Ishmech Trainer, Body Intelligence Zone approach founder  Somatic Coach and Mindfulness trainer,   with the status of cultural worker from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

She has held workshops in Slovenia and abroad for more than 15 years. Kristina tells her stories through movement. In Ishmech, a unique method of active exercises that links the individual to his or her own form of movement, dancing and sensing of music, she has discovered harmony between music and the body. Using her own unique methods, she teaches others how to achieve a state in which the person flows with movement and music, when everything becomes one, a perfect moment. And with Gurdijeff Movements given very precisely by Gurdjieff as a powerful tool for growth, the practice of movements creates amazing conditions for transforming the body –machine into a place where the forces of intelligence, heart, and action can freely expand, through the development of a certain quality of attention and relaxation. For coaching approach she developed her own method Body Intelligence zone applicable to embody the coaching and leadership wisdom. 


More about trainers HERE




PROGRAM: Embody your Coaching wisdom, Leadership advanced program  ( Coaching & Leadership program - 24 CCE accreditation by ICF) 

Full program: 1290,00€ + 22% vat per person

Only Mentoring workshop 970,00€ + vat per person


Accomodation is not included in the price.

ACCOMODATION: aprox 350,00€ per person, depends on the type of accom.


For more info, contact us anytime:

+ 386 41 799 644 and jasna@povejnaglas.si

+ 386 41 662 484 and marko@povejnaglas.si



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