Jasna Knez - Trenerka & Coach vsi programi

Jasna Knez is a highly accomplished coach, mentor, and supervisor. She holds the prestigious Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is also an EIA MASTER Practitioner Certified Coach and Mentor. Her credentials extend to the ITCA Practitioner Team Coach and ESIA Coaching & Mentoring Supervisor, accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and the ICF.

She is the sole individual in Slovenia and the surrounding region to hold dual master-level credentials, having been recognized at all levels by both the ICF and EMCC — professional coach, professional team coach, coaching supervisor, and mentor. 

Beyond her personal achievements, she has played a pivotal role in elevating the awareness and development of professional coaching in Slovenia. Serving as the Vice President and co-founder of the Association for Coaches - International Coaching Federation (ICF) Chapter Charter Slovenia, she actively promotes sustainable growth and the coaching profession.

She also serves as a PCC Assessor for ICF and an EIA Assessor for EMCC Global.

Her professional expertise spans diverse industries, cultures, and client complexities.

In 2022 she was awarded CEO Today Magazine Executive Coach.



Jasna Knez is an accomplished professional executive coach, mentor, systemic team coach, and coaching supervisor, she thrives in a variety of industries, contexts, and cultures, catering to clients of varying complexity. Her passion lies in tackling complexity and exploring emerging trends.

With a profound understanding of personal interaction dynamics, she specializes in coaching, leadership skills development, team dynamics, change and culture transformation, and communication excellence."


Jasna holds Master Certified Coach credentials (MCC - ICF) and EIA MASTER Practitioner Certified Coach & Mentor, ITCA Certified Team Coach, and ESIA Coaching & Mentoring Supervisor credentials (EMCC Global).


Jasna is dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages personal and professional growth through meaningful dialogue, sharing frameworks, and experimentation. Her approach results in increased confidence for individuals and strengthens organizational bench depth. She excels at helping clients achieve higher-level results in less time, reducing stress, enhancing job and life satisfaction, and overcoming internal and external obstacles to thrive in new ways.

She offers expertise in a wide range of topics, including leadership and change management, performance improvement, communication excellence, imposter syndrome, self-confidence, resilience, stress management, well-being, conflict resolution, boundary setting, team development, and complex challenges.

Jasna's coaching style is grounded in pragmatism, co-creation, and a human-centered approach. It draws from systemic and integrative perspectives, complemented by a transformative Jungian approach, fostering deep self-awareness and continual personal and professional growth.

Her commitment to ongoing professional development has influenced her work in coaching transformation processes. She has designed an effective coaching program, 'Embody Your Coaching Wisdom,' recognized by ICF at Level 2 and EMCC as an EIA Practitioner in Organizational Coaching. This program blends systemic, ontological, and embodiment concepts into a practical coaching approach.

As an accredited coaching supervisor, she plays a crucial role in supporting coaches as they expand their coaching maturity.

Additionally, she serves as a faculty member, acting as a trainer, mentor, and supervisor in several ICF and EMCC-accredited coaching programs. In this role, she helps the next generation of coaches, team coaches, and leaders with coaching skills, cultivate a coaching mindset, develop their coaching skills, and expand their coaching capacity.

  • Trainer, facilitator, and supervisor at Embody Coaching Wisdom EQA Practitioner & ACTP LEVEL 2 Organizational Coach and  Embody Integral Coaching Mastery Leadership masterclass CCE - ICF. (Integral Coaching & Leadership Povej na Glas)
  • Facilitator and trainer at Integral Coaching ACTP LEVEL 2 - ICF. (KAdanismanlik The Integral Institute)
  • Facilitator and Practicum Lead at the System Team Coaching CCE - ICF, and ADVANCED EMCC at GTCI (Global Team Coaching Institute by David Clutterbuck and Peter Hawkins)
  • Trainer and Team Coaching Supervisor at Clutterbuck CMI - Team Coaching Senior Practitioner program 

Jasna is committed to fostering a learning environment that elevates your professional development through innovative learning, deep engagement, and harnessing your personal and professional strengths to achieve your desired outcomes.

Jasna offers coaching and training in multiple languages, including Slovene, English, Croatian, and Serbian."


Some of her coaching certifications:

  • Academy of Executive Coaching - Executive Coaching
  • Grof Transpersonal Training – transpersonal psychology 
  • INLAPTA - NLP Coach
  • Strozzi Institute – Embodiment facilitator
  • Academy of Executive Coaching - Systemic Team Coach
  • Expressive Arts Coach & Therapy -  CEAT practitioner & facilitator – CEAT coach
  • Coaching & Mentoring International David Clutterbuck – Team Coach (foundation, practitioner, senior level)
  • SDI, Points of You facilitator
  • Jungian Coaching School -  Jungian Coach, Jungian Master Coach & Trainer
  • EMCC Unidici – Coach supervizor trening
  • Integral Institute - Professional Integral Leadership Coach, Integral Coaching facilitator  
  • Systemic management & organizational Constellations - konstelator za organizacijske sistemske postavitve
  • Coaches Raising - The Power of Embodied Transformation -  Transformational coach
  • Global Team Coaching Institute - Systemic Team Coaching – Perill Stream
  • Bluesky International -  BI ESQA Coach Supervisor training
  • Assessor training 
  • Gestalt Center For Coaching - The Path to Coaching Mastery: Embody the Essence and Practice of Mastery - Path to Mastery - Coaching Mastery Coach

Jasna is deeply dedicated to her own professional development and actively engages in ongoing supervision as part of her Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Her commitment extends to the development and promotion of professional coaching and supervision standards, and she actively collaborates with both ICF and EMCC.

In her role as Co/founding member and Vice President of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Slovenia Charter Chapter, Jasna is a driving force behind sustainable growth and the advancement of the coaching profession in Slovenia. Through her coaching efforts, she makes a positive impact on society and the environment. Additionally, she serves as an ICF Assessor for the PCC level and a Mentor Coach.

In her role within EMCC Global, she serves as an EIA assessor across all four levels.

As a mentor, she supports the International Award for Young People MEPI.

In 2022 she was awarded CEO Today Executive Coach.





For me, SuperVision empowers us as coaches to embrace a state of pure presence, allowing us to deeply learn from every coaching encounter while remaining attuned to our inner and outer experiences. It enables us to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery in our interactions with clients and the systems they are part of.

I'm truly passionate about guiding and supporting coaches in crafting their visions, developing clear pathways, and successfully realizing their potential while creating transformational experiences for their clients. I am committed to pushing the boundaries of what each coach can truly achieve and become.

My coaching philosophy is firmly rooted in a holistic and diverse perspective, drawing from systemic and integrative principles. In my supervisory role, I adopt a pragmatic, co-creative, client-focused, and evolving approach. I thrive in complex situations, welcome strong emotions, and embrace the emergence of new insights. I aim to foster an environment that encourages exploration and expansion of your thought processes, senses, and emotional landscapes. I encourage you to share your triumphs and setbacks with courage, to identify and address any potential biases, and to remove obstacles that hinder your success. Together, we'll integrate your experiences and boldly explore new, innovative approaches to enhance your coaching practice.


Utilizing a diverse array of tools and skills, I create an immersive environment that allows you to zoom out and take a systemic view, delving into the symbolic language that gives your unconscious a voice. This integration of holistic elements and insights enhances your conscious life, enabling you to make a positive impact. You'll harness your personal and professional strengths, master your skills and confidence, nurture your well-being, and reignite your passion and purpose."

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