Andreja Anžur Černič - Trener & Coach

Andreja Anžur Černič is a professional certified coach - PCC certified by the International Coaching Federation​ ICF and EIA SENIOR within EMCC  (Evropski svet za coaching in mentorstvo). She is a certified business coach, trainer in leadership competencies, a master of transactional analysis, a practitioner of BioEnergetic Performance Psychology, an Expressive Arts Coach and trainer, as well as a lecturer and consultant in leadership. She is a Jungian Master coach and a C.P.I.C. Integrative coach.



She graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana with a degree in International Economic Relations. Over her twenty-year career, she gained experience in various fields. She began her journey in an international consulting company, continued in a family business, where she managed foreign trade projects, and concurrently developed wholesale activities and built a retail network in Slovenia. She also worked in a furniture manufacturing company. She devoted ten years to the publishing industry, initially overseeing the marketing of the book program at DZS through various sales channels. During this time, she successfully completed a course in professional publishing at Stanford University. In the role of Advertising Marketing Manager, she played a significant role in marketing the Finance newspaper during its transition from a narrowly specialized edition to a business daily and in the integration of the magazine part of the GV group into the Bonnier Business Press group.

In the last two years, she led the Advertising Marketing Department of Delo, the largest media house in Slovenia. During this period, she lectured on the topic of rewarding and motivating sales teams at marketing conferences and sales-focus events.

Since 2007, she has been working as a coach, mentor, and consultant, focusing on leadership soft skills. She is the Director of the MEPI Institute - a youth program, where she works in the field of social responsibility. As a mentor, she collaborates in the CEED entrepreneurial network and MEKS mentoring in the field of human resources management.

She is the Director of the MEPI Institute, a youth program where she works in the field of social responsibility. Her work approach is based on her extensive experience and her ability to lead and motivate people to achieve set goals. She is characterized by professionalism, knowledge, experience, hard work, determination, positive energy, communicativeness, honesty, and transparency. She strives to uphold these values in both her professional and private life. She has acquired coaching knowledge and techniques from the Academy of Executive Coaching and other international institutions, where she consistently seeks to enhance her skills.

She is part of the facilitation and training team in two international programs:

  1. A trainer and facilitator in the Embody Your Coaching Wisdom ACTP - Level 2 & EQA Practitioner program, an ICF and EMCC accredited coaching program.
  2. A facilitator in Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy (CEAT).

She is an active member of the International Coaching Federation and adheres to its ethical code. She is in the process of obtaining PCC Assessor certification from ICF. She also holds EIA SENIOR within EMCC  (Evropski svet za coaching in mentorstvo).



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