Unlocking Team Psychology for Cohesive and High-Performing Teams 


Team Development and Psychological Safety Workshop

In the fast-paced business landscape, the ability of individuals to collaborate effectively within a team is paramount. Our workshop is meticulously designed to strengthen teams and cultivate psychological safety, enabling them to tackle stressors and overcome challenges collectively. We leverage internationally recognized tools, including ARD®, JC®, PERILL, TEAM DIAGNOSTIC, and MOTIVATIONAL MAP, to assess and improve interpersonal relationships.


Workshop Objectives:

  1. Understanding Team Psychology:

    • Explore the psychological background of team processes and hidden dynamics.
    • Compare individual psychology with team psychology.
    • Emphasize personal behavior versus team behavior.
  2. Motivation, Values, and Roles:

    • Investigate individual motivation and its impact on team dynamics.
    • Highlight the significance of values and team members' roles in shaping team dynamics.
  3. Psychological Safety in the Team:

    • Build psychological safety as a crucial element in a coaching and mentoring culture.
    • Diagnose the current state of psychological safety and identify potential limitations.
  4. Team Dynamics and Dysfunction:

    • Utilize the Perill model to explore team dynamics.
    • Investigate team dysfunctions and explore strategies for resolution.
  5. Creating a High-Performing Team:

    • Develop a high-performing team, focusing on the 5 dysfunctions of a team.
    • Employ systemic organizational constellations for in-depth understanding and issue resolution.


Workshop Methodology:

  • Integral and systemic approach.
  • Small group settings with an individualized approach.
  • Experiential learning with a focus on practical exercises.
  • Utilization of communication and motivational techniques.
  • Systemic constellations for insights into system operations.
  • Analysis of participant behavior for a personalized approach.


Integral Components:

  • Diagnostic assessment of team dynamics using the Perill model.
  • High Performing assessment or Psychological saftey test
  • Practical exercises and relevant learning materials.
  • Real-world examples and constructive feedback.
  • Development of an individual personal action plan.


Workshop Benefits:

  • Strengthening psychological safety within the team.
  • Understanding motivation, values, and roles within the team.
  • In-depth exploration of team dynamics using the Perill model.
  • Skill development for addressing team dysfunctions.
  • Practical tools for creating a high-performing team.
  • Personalized approach for sustainable results.


Workshop Formats:

  • Flexible to meet group needs.
  • Conducted in closed-group settings.
  • Option for team coaching and motivational programs.
  • Individual customization upon client request.


This workshop encourages active participation, exchange of experiences, and collaborative problem-solving. With an emphasis on practical exercises, a systemic approach, and the use of proven tools, it facilitates lasting changes in team dynamics and reinforces psychological safety within the team.


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