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Elevate Your Potential with Coaching Excellence

At Povej na Glas, we believe that the investment in coaching, whether it be in the realm of business, personal, or team dynamics, extends beyond the pursuit of mere business outcomes. It's a strategic investment in personal growth, cognitive strategies, and the transformation of limiting behavioral patterns. Our coaching programs are designed to be more than just a service – they are a catalyst for profound change.


Unlocking Potentials, Navigating Challenges

Coaching, in its essence, is an interactive journey towards success. The coach and the client collaboratively shape a transformative process. Here, the coach empowers the client to awaken their latent abilities and potentials, guiding them to forge new, authentic solutions to their challenges. This dynamic process cultivates invaluable insights, fosters self-awareness, and facilitates the abandonment of ineffective thinking patterns. Ultimately, it is about harnessing and maximizing all capabilities.


Invest in Change Management Capabilities

Our coaching methodology goes beyond conventional approaches. It's about investing in a process that not only achieves tangible results but also instigates personal and professional growth. Join us on this transformative coaching journey where change is not just embraced; it's strategically managed, and potentials are fully realized.





Coaching Unveiled: A Transformative Journey

Coaching is more than just a professional service; it's an interactive, transformative process where the coach and the client collaboratively craft a path leading to self-awareness, behavioral evolution, and the achievement of desired goals. We believe in empowering individuals to develop independent solutions and authentic ways of operating, fostering a journey that results in profound insights and heightened self-awareness.


Diverse Coaching Approaches

Our coaching programs are versatile, offering various coaching approaches to cater to individual needs. Whether it's individual, personal, business, group, or team coaching, we tailor our methods to provide a holistic coaching experience. Our coaches bring diverse expertise, incorporating approaches such as integral, leadership, transformational, systemic, holistic, NLP, organizational, Jungian, life coaching, and more. The richness of our coaching toolbox ensures a comprehensive and impactful coaching process.

Embark on a coaching journey that goes beyond traditional methods, unlocking your full potential and paving the way for meaningful personal and professional growth.





Choosing Coaching: Empowering Your Journey to Success

Embarking on a coaching journey is a strategic decision, a commitment to personal and professional growth. Here are scenarios where choosing coaching becomes a transformative step:

  1. Navigating Change: When facing significant changes, be it in your career, personal life, or organizational dynamics, coaching provides a compass to navigate through transitions with resilience and adaptability.

  2. Enhancing Leadership Skills: Aspiring or current leaders seeking to amplify their leadership skills, refine their leadership style, and foster a positive impact on their team can find coaching instrumental in their journey.

  3. Improving Team Efficiency: Organizations aiming to enhance team dynamics, improve communication, and boost overall team efficiency often turn to coaching as a tailored solution.

  4. Career Transitions: Individuals in the midst of career shifts, whether starting a new venture, pursuing a different career path, or re-entering the workforce, can benefit from coaching to clarify goals and strategies.

  5. Personal Development: Anyone committed to personal development, aiming to break through self-imposed barriers, and eager to unlock their full potential, can find coaching as a powerful ally.

  6. Conflict Resolution: When confronted with conflicts, either on an individual or team level, coaching provides a constructive framework to address and resolve issues, fostering a harmonious work environment.

Choosing coaching is not just a response to challenges; it is a proactive step towards a more empowered and fulfilling life. It's about seizing opportunities for growth, gaining insights, and developing the resilience needed to thrive in a dynamic world.




Our Accomplished Coaches: Setting the Standard in Excellence

We take pride in the caliber of our coaching team, a group of seasoned professionals globally recognized for their expertise in the coaching realm. Each coach holds individual accreditations and certificates from esteemed coaching organizations, underscoring our commitment to excellence. Here's a glimpse of our recognition:

  1. ICF (International Coach Federation): Accreditation by ICF, a prominent global entity in coaching, validates the high standards of competence and ethical conduct maintained by all our coaches.

  2. EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council): Our coaches boast accreditation from EMCC, reinforcing their dedication to upholding the pinnacle of coaching standards within the European context.

  3. International Register of Professional Coaches: All our coaches are proudly enlisted in the International Register of Professional Coaches, attesting to their adherence to stringent criteria and standards for professional coaching.

  4. Professional Association Awards: Acknowledged by professional associations, our coaches have earned accolades for their remarkable contributions to coaching, showcasing their unwavering commitment and exceptional outcomes.

  5. Regularly supervised by ESIA Supervisor

These recognitions and accreditations from leading international bodies serve as a testament to the unparalleled quality of our coaches. Rest assured, our team stands ready to provide exceptional support, guiding individuals and organizations toward the realization of their aspirations.



6. COACHING - Unleashing Potential Beyond Results


In a world where collaboration is key, coaching emerges as a transformative force in employee development, fostering a culture of collaboration that extends beyond mere business outcomes. The investment in coaching support is a gateway not just to organizational success but also to personal growth, strategic thinking, and the dismantling of limiting patterns. Enter the realm of sustainable leadership through coaching!

The annual survey conducted by the International Coach Federation (ICF) underscores the evolving landscape, revealing a growing desire among companies to cultivate in-house capabilities for training, coaching, and analyzing individual attributes. The goal is to craft personalized development plans that empower individuals with the competencies necessary for heightened efficiency, fostering tailored support and channeling energy toward future achievements.

Key findings from the survey shed light on the pervasive need for coaching, with companies prioritizing:

  1. Improving Team Efficiency (43%): Organizations seek to enhance the collective effectiveness of their teams, driving collaborative success.

  2. Enhancing Communication Skills (39%): Recognizing the pivotal role communication plays, businesses aim to fortify this critical skill set.

  3. Increasing Efficiency (38%): The pursuit of efficiency stands central, with a focus on streamlining processes for optimal performance.

  4. Boosting Self-Esteem (36%): Coaching is instrumental in elevating individual confidence, contributing to a more empowered workforce.

  5. Refining Business Leadership Strategy (33%): Companies turn to coaching to fine-tune leadership strategies, ensuring effective and forward-looking guidance.

Measurements by coaching associations further affirm the transformative impact of coaching:

  • 60% Improvement in Mutual Relationships: Individuals experience a substantial boost in interpersonal relationships and job satisfaction.

  • Over 50% Increase in Efficiency: The coaching effect resonates in heightened individual efficiency.

  • 70% Enhancement in Team Dynamics: Team leadership witnesses a remarkable improvement, aligning intentions, processes, relationships, and collaborative learning methods.

Experience the power of coaching – a catalyst not just for results but for fostering a thriving, collaborative organizational culture.






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