ICF-accredited training for professional LEADERSHIP coaches 

As in all scientific fields, there has been growth and progress over the last thirty years in coaching and we’ve witnessed the professional field take shape. One vital field that stood out among them beyond expectation has been leadership coaching.

Using this perspective, we’ve created the I.C. Integral Coaching ™ program by combining corporate or individual entrepreneurship as needed along with our experience in the leadership field. Our goal with I.C. Integral Coaching ™ is to provide support for all leaders by training leadership coaches who will help shape the future. As for our vision, we hope to move forward with our coaching applicants who aim to have a positive effect on organizations as well as support leaders and their teams now and in the future setting. 


I.C. Integral Coaching™ program has been qualified as an ACTP – Accredited Coach Training Program which is the highest coaching program degree accredited by ICF – International Coach Federation.  The 6 modules, including I.C. Integral Coaching™ certification, contain 133 hours in total. Participants who successfully complete the program will have the right to become CPIC - Certified Professional Integral Coach™ - and assuming they’ve met the other conditions required by ICF, they’ll be able to obtain the credentials of ACC – Associate Certified Coach or PCC – Professional Certified Coach from ICF.

Organized in cooperation with The Integral Institute KA Danismanlik and Povej na Glas.



Today’s leaders face unpredictable and complex moral systems, motivation, and working styles. New approaches, perspectives, strategies, and methods must provide a fresh outlook toward the teams, the leaders, and the system to overcome these complex, unpredictable, and contradictory structures.


Embark on a transformative coaching journey grounded in Integral theory and a systemic approach. This program offers a powerful and research-based methodology, providing a deep understanding of coaching tools and competencies aligned with the International Coach Federation (ICF) standards.

Key Features:

  • Certification: Attain ICF LEVEL 2  certification.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering essential coaching competencies, Integral theory, and systemic approaches.
  • Experiential Learning: Engage in coaching practice, case studies, and active participation.
  • Small Group Setting: Foster a supportive community with open-minded professionals.
  • Holistic Development: Explore personal and business growth at physical, identity, thinking, passion, and systemic levels.
  • Advanced Communication: Learn sophisticated communication techniques for effective coaching.
  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from continuous support with faculty, coaching practice, and mentoring.



Program Structure:

LEVEL 2 Integral Coaching Certification (6 Modules):

  1. Essentials & Process: Lay the foundation, covering core coaching competencies and the Integral Model. (1. & 2.)
  2. Deep Diving & Spirit: Explore personalities, value sets, unconscious processes, and energy dynamics. (3. & 4.)
  3. Alchemy & Integration: Integrate base skills into a holistic coaching journey using "The Integral Coaching Map." (5)
  4. Mentoring Mastery Level: Complete the ACTP program, deepening coaching skills, and gaining confidence. (6)



  • Systemic Lenses: Gain a transformative perspective for balanced authority, presence, and impact.
  • Coaching Mastery: Access coaching demonstrations, practice sessions, supervision, and mentoring.
  • Certifications: Achieve ICF LEVEL 2 and EMCC EQA Practitioner certifications.
  • Personalized Development Plan: Receive an individualized plan for continuous growth.
  • Networking: Build lifelong connections with professionals and leaders in a safe, supportive circle.



"Integral coaching helped me redefine my approach and communication, making me a more conscious leader." - Pia Barborič Jurjaševič, General Manager, Tobačna Ljubljana

"The integral approach provided a structured way of working, integrating various experiences and knowledge." - Mateja Pečjak



  • Sami Bugay (MCC-ICF): Master Trainer, Mentor Coach, and Author of "ITC Integral Team Coaching."
  • Jasna Knez (MCC -ICF, MP - EMCC): Master Trainer, Coaching Supervisor, and Systemic Team Coach.


Program Logistics:

  • Training Dates: to be anounced
  • Mastery Program: Individualized 4-6 months, including mentoring and practical sessions.
  • Limited Seats: Only 8 participants for personalized learning.

Program Fee:

  • Full program Certification: €4250 + VAT


Note: Custom solutions are available for financial constraints.

Join us on a profound journey of Integral Coaching, unlocking leadership excellence and personal growth!

For inquiries and enrollment, contact us at


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