For leaders, internal coaches, trainers, facilitators, psychologists, HR specialists...

  • Do you want to enhance your coaching skills, develop leadership abilities, and work effectively with people?
  • Are your employees facing numerous challenges and lacking the confidence to help them find solutions?
  • Do you aim to promote continuous improvement and achieve goals effectively within your organization?


In today's world, new skills are essential. This educational program offers dual certification, ICF (LEVEL 2), and EMCC Global (EQA Practitioner fast track EIA Practitioner).



Acquire new skills and firsthand experience with proven techniques and models for effective work and people development. Learn advanced learning methods and develop key skills such as coaching skills, leadership with a coaching approach for solving complex problems, creativity and critical thinking, people management, and establishing a strong presence in communication. Additionally, you will develop emotional intelligence and mental adaptability. The program focuses on developing eight coaching competencies following the methodology of the international coaching federations ICF and EMCC Global, preparing you for a professional coach role.


Gain an international certificate, "Embody Your Coaching Wisdom - Organizational Coach" from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with LEVEL 2 accreditation, preparing you for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level.

Simultaneously, obtain the EQA Practitioner - fast track EIA Practitioner (individual accreditation) from the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC Global) to become a professional certified coach.


In the world, there are two major professional networks for coach development – the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC GLOBAL). They share a common mission – the continuous development of coaching practice. Embody Your Coaching Wisdom is the only program in Slovenia that offers certification from both networks.



The educational program on coaching skills is a journey into a new world. Personal and business transformation is inevitable.

Research from the International Coaching Federation shows that the use of coaching reflects improvements in team efficiency, communication skills, increased effectiveness, and a boost in self-esteem and business leadership strategy. Individuals engaged in coaching report improved interpersonal relationships, greater job satisfaction, and increased efficiency. Team leadership also shows a 70% improvement in team dynamics, including aligning purposes, internal and external processes, interpersonal relationships, and modes of shared learning.


Coaching measurements by the federation also state that individuals improve interpersonal relationships by more than 60% and become more satisfied at work. There is a significant increase in their efficiency, by more than 50%. When it comes to team leadership, there is even a 70% improvement in team dynamics, aligning purposes, internal and external processes, interpersonal relationships, and modes of shared learning.



Therefore, we invite you to upgrade your leadership and coaching skills and join the transformational program "Embody Your Coaching Wisdom - School of Business Coaching." The program is focused on developing eight coaching (leadership) competencies according to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and EMCC Global methodologies. It is the only program in the region that offers a dual certification: ICF LEVEL 2 (130 units) and EMCC EQA Practitioner.



Embody Your Coaching Wisdom training is suitable for:

  • Those aspiring to become coaches or incorporate coaching skills into their leadership style for more effective achievement of business, strategic, and personal goals.
  • Recommended for company leaders, department heads, team leaders, HR professionals, internal coaches, psychologists, consultants, and anyone interested in coaching and professional development.


What Will You Gain by Participating in the Program:

  1. Understanding Coaching:

    • Learn basic coaching concepts.
    • Differentiate coaching from other people's development approaches.
    • Understand the benefits of the coaching process.
  2. Coaching Skills:

    • Acquire knowledge and skills in coaching, including basic competencies and ethical codes.
    • Apply coaching approaches and techniques in leadership, individual, and group development.
  3. Leadership Style:

    • Develop a participative leadership style using coaching principles.
    • Enhance leadership effectiveness, and employee development, and create a positive work environment.
  4. Holistic Approach:

    • Explore the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic aspects of development.
    • Better understand and leverage personal and others' potentials.
  5. Advanced Communication Techniques:

    • Learn advanced communication techniques for effective interaction and relationship building.
  6. Psychological Diagnosing:

    • Gain knowledge of psychological diagnosis and its application in coaching.
  7. Understanding Individuals and Teams:

    • Learn the basics of individual and team psychology.
    • Understand motivators, potential obstacles, and developmental phases.
  8. Coaching Models:

    • Acquire effective coaching models for personal and business progress.
    • Apply models in various business and personal situations.
  9. Personal Growth:

    • Experience personal growth, identify dysfunctional habits, and enhance confidence and influence.
  10. Certification:

    • Receive the ECW - EQA Organizational Coach Practitioner international certificate accredited by EMCC Global.
    • Obtain the international certificate from ICF - Embody Your Coaching Wisdom with the full LEVEL 2 program.


Method of Work:

  • Small groups for an individual and personalized approach.
  • Experiential learning with an emphasis on active participation, dialogue, and experience exchange.
  • Use of communication and motivational techniques for understanding actions and behavior.
  • In-depth learning about individual functioning, coaching, coaching competencies, and various models for leadership enhancement.
  • Diverse methods, and coaching models, including coaching practice, demonstrations, accelerated learning method FLM, and systemic constellations.
  • Application of methods in real-life situations, case studies, and individual feedback on your coaching competencies.



Program Content:

The program is designed to develop coaching competencies according to the ICF and EMCC Global methodologies. It consists of five intensive modules, including supportive learning activities such as practices, mentorship, and supervision.


Module 1: Coaching Foundations - Coaching Mindset and Creating Space for Growth (28 units)

In the first module, participants will delve into the fundamentals of the coaching profession. Focus will be on understanding coaching, the role of a coach, and the differences between various coaching roles. Key topics include coaching mindset, ethical standards, and establishing coaching agreements.


Module 2: Building Trust and Safety and Effective Communication - Systemic Perspective (28 units)

The second module emphasizes establishing a coaching relationship, building mutual trust, and psychological safety. Effective communication in coaching relationships leading to empowerment for outstanding results will also be explored.


Module 3: Coaching Models and Leading to Learning, Awareness, and Results (28 units)

This module introduces participants to various coaching models suitable for different situations. It covers the psychological background of coaching development, coaching supervision, and reflective practice as a foundation for coaching excellence.


Module 4: Integration of Coaching Competencies - Leadership and Group Dynamics (28 units)

The fourth module focuses on integrating coaching competencies into leadership styles and understanding group dynamics. Participants will explore advanced communication techniques and the application of psychological diagnostics in coaching.


Module 5: Coaching as a Profession - Mastery Coaching Practice, Mentorship, and Supervision:(26 units)

The final module explores coaching as a profession, mentoring, and supervision as a very individual process upskilling your capacity. Participants will engage in practical coaching sessions, mentorship, and supervision. This hands-on experience is crucial for applying theoretical knowledge in real-life coaching scenarios. Participants will also engage in discussions about ethical challenges in coaching and receive guidance on creating a successful coaching practice. Coaching the final exam (performance evaluation) is part of the process to be evaluated based on criteria for PCC markers. 



Program Schedule:

  • The program unfolds over five modules, each lasting three days.
  • Modules are scheduled approximately one month apart to allow time for integration and practical application.
  • Coaching practice, mentorship, and supervision sessions are spread throughout the program to provide continuous support and development.

Coaching Practice:

  • Participants will engage in practical coaching sessions with peers, receiving constructive feedback.
  • These sessions are designed to build confidence and enhance coaching skills.
  • Real-life case studies and scenarios will be used to simulate coaching in various situations.

Mentorship and Supervision:

  • Regular mentorship sessions will provide individualized guidance and support.
  • Supervision sessions will focus on reflecting on coaching practice and addressing challenges.

Webinars and Additional Support:

  • Webinars will complement the live modules, covering specific topics and addressing questions.
  • Participants will have access to additional resources, including articles, videos, and tools.



Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a dual certification:

  1. ICF LEVEL 2 Certification: Recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), this certification acknowledges the development of coaching competencies in alignment with ICF standards. (130 units)

  2. EMCC EQA Organizational Coach Practitioner Certification: Accredited by EMCC Global, this certification recognizes the attainment of coaching excellence in an organizational context.




The total investment for the "Embody Your Coaching Wisdom" program, including dual ICF LEVEL 2 and EMCC EQA Practitioner certification, mentorship, supervision, practice sessions, webinars, learning materials, didactic tools, psychological testing, questionnaires, coaching tools, space rental, refreshments during breaks, and certification, is 3380.00 € + 22% VAT.

For those opting for the basic program (BASIC 1 level), which includes the first four modules without mentorship, supervision, and the exam, the cost is 2380.00 € + 22% VAT.


The "Embody Your Coaching Wisdom" program offers a comprehensive experience in developing coaching skills, personal growth, and obtaining international certifications. Both packages include a high-quality educational program with renowned trainers, following the methodologies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and EMCC Global.


For inquiry, please contact us:


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