Systemic Team Coaching


Elevate Your Team's Performance with Systemic Team Coaching

Unlock the full potential of your team through our expert Systemic Team Coaching services at Povej na Glas. Defined by David Clutterbuck as an "intervention designed to increase the collective capability and effectiveness of a group or team," systemic team coaching integrates coaching principles with reflective support, analysis, and motivation for change.


Key Features of Our Systemic Team Coaching:

Holistic Approach: We adopt a systemic view, treating the team as a whole interconnected entity. Analyzing interactions within and between systems, systemic team coaching goes beyond simplistic and linear thinking, addressing individuals and teams as integral parts of a complex system.

Certified Expertise: Systemic team coaching is led by certified and accredited Team Coaches with licenses and individual accreditations from the EMCC - International Team Coaching Accreditation (ITCA). This form of coaching demands a unique skill set, and our coaches are equipped to deliver exceptional results.

Tailored Solutions: With a focus on system-wide awareness and an understanding of the complexity of each situation, our coaching explores various system components and perspectives. This helps identify triggers and the most effective interventions for achieving the desired change.

Psychological Safety: Building psychological safety within the team is crucial. Recognizing this, our coaching promotes a culture of coaching and mentoring, fostering a sense of belonging and security among team members.


When to Choose Systemic Team Coaching:

Ideal for newly formed teams, low oerformance, departmental mergers, or project-based collaborations involving individuals from diverse departments, boards and coaching culture implementation, change in the system...our systemic team coaching is designed to address challenges such as:

  • Managing imbalances and change within the team
  • Developing emotional intelligence among team members
  • Cultivating open, flexible, and authentic communication
  • Improving collaboration within the team
  • Overcoming limiting thinking, behaviors, and actions within the team
  • Focusing and regaining motivation among team members
  • Enhancing task performance and quality
  • Effectively managing and adapting to change within the team
  • Building a strong team culture, improving cohesion and collaboration
  • Ensuring psychological safety within the team
  • Resolving conflicts and disagreements within the team
  • And more

How Systemic Team Coaching Works:

  1. Introductory Meeting and Goal Setting: We begin with a discovery session to understand the client's goals and set the framework for the coaching process.

  2. PERIL Assessment: Is a powerful diagnostic tool, measures psychological safety, team cohesion, and risk-taking propensity within your team as well external and internal stakeholders, processes, leadership. This assessment provides valuable insights into the team's dynamics and identifies areas as strenghts as well areas for improvement or need attention.

  3. Individual confidential Dialogue or. Interviews before the strat: These interviews delve deeper into individual experiences, bringing out nuanced insights that contribute to a holistic understanding of the team. Our coaching values confidentiality. Individual interviews offer team members a confidential platform to share thoughts openly. 

  4. Individual and Group Sessions: Our approach includes individual and group sessions, with each session tailored to the team's goals and situation. Typically, we conduct five to eight sessions.

  5. Add on workshop 

  6. Final Evaluation: We conclude the coaching process with a thorough evaluation to measure progress and impact.


Why Choose Jasna Knez for Systemic Team Coaching:

Jasna Knez, our certified Team Coach, holds accreditations from ICF and EMCC, specializing in systemic team coaching with an individual accreditation ITCA. Under the regular supervision of David Clutterbuck, a pioneer in the field, and as a part of the Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) core faculty and CMI Clutterbuck,  Jasna brings unparalleled expertise to each coaching engagement.


Elevate your team's dynamics, collaboration, and effectiveness with Povej na Glas Systemic Team Coaching. Contact us to initiate a transformative coaching journey tailored to your team's unique needs.




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