Mentor Coaching for ICF Personal Accreditation: Enhance Your Coaching Excellence

Have you completed your coaching education and wish to attain accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF)? Perhaps you're looking to refresh or advance your skills and gain ICF (ACC, PCC, or MCC) international accreditation, but lack some of the requirements. We invite you to join our Mentor Coaching program!


Why ICF International Accreditation - credentials?

ICF International Accreditation demonstrates high professional standards, ethical conduct, and an exceptional level of coaching knowledge. It enhances your credibility, opens up new business opportunities, and contributes to the growth and integrity of the coaching profession.


Our Mentor Coaching Program:

This standalone program, exclusively dedicated to mentor coaching, is led by a certified Master Coach (MCC, ICF). It includes:

Full-day group mentor coaching session (7 hours) 

3 individual 1:1 online sessions (1 hour each per month) and additional supervision

Individual preparatory meeting to define personal development goals

Assessment based on ICF key competencies

In-depth study of all 8 ICF key competencies

Strategies and action plans for developing your coaching competencies

Feedback on your coaching skills

Opportunity to learn from an ICF Master Certified Coach and PCC Assessor


The program spans 4 months, designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of ICF standards and key competencies at each level. Following the group sessions, there is a period during which you conduct the required number of coaching practices outside the mentoring program to obtain accreditation.


Dates and Applications:

Group session: Date to be announced.

Individual sessions: Scheduled with the mentor (MCC), conducted online.



Obtain a Certificate for Accreditation Needs:

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a Mentor Coaching certificate for the completed 10 hours, which benefits you in obtaining or renewing accreditation. The program takes place both in person and via a virtual platform.

Apply for Mentor Coaching and embark on the journey towards ICF Personal International Accreditation!


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