Individual Coaching


Welcome to a transformative journey where success meets personal growth, and limitations give way to limitless possibilities. At Povej na Glas, we offer more than just coaching; we provide a key to unlocking your full potential in both business and personal spheres.


 According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), coaching is a "partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."


Coaching is an excellent investment, as it not only guides towards achieving business results but also serves as a bridge to personal growth, developing thinking strategies, and changing limiting behavioral patterns. It is an interactive process that, through various coaching techniques and tools, enables individuals and groups to develop new behaviors and brings strong change management capabilities.


How Coaching Works:

Coaching is an individual process tailored to each person or group. The coach and the client co-create the process, with the coach encouraging the client to focus on their abilities and potential, developing new, authentic solutions to their challenges.


When to Choose Povej na Glas Coaching:

If you're facing challenges such as a lack of confidence, unclear goals, fear of success, or navigating through organizational changes, Povej na Glas coaching is your solution. Our coaches specialize in addressing a spectrum of issues, from personal development to team dynamics, guiding you towards lasting transformation.


Coaching can be beneficial in various roles and situations, especially when facing challenges such as:

  • Lack of self-confidence or self-trust
  • Lack of self-awareness of values, goals, desires, and ambitions
  • Archaic messages like "I'm not good enough" or "I'm not worthy"
  • Fear of success or failure
  • Perfectionism and striving for excellence
  • Loss or decline in motivation
  • Imbalance and change management
  • Underdeveloped emotional intelligence
  • Closed, inflexible, and inauthentic communication
  • Poor leadership skills
  • Ineffective self-leadership and collaboration
  • Home or workplace stress
  • Dysfunctional and limiting thinking, actions, behaviors
  • Lack of focus, loss of motivation and commitment
  • Low personal energy
  • Ineffective task performance
  • Inefficient time management or lack of prioritization
  • Ineffective coping with changes
  • Poor team culture, lack of team connectivity, non-collaboration
  • Lack of team motivation and commitment
  • Lack of psychological safety
  • Conflicts and disagreements
  • Other challenges


Coaching Process:

  1. Introductory Meeting: Establishing frameworks, and defining goals and topics addressed in the coaching process. Detailed work methodology presentation. Coach-client interactions are strictly confidential, remaining exclusively between them.

  2. Individual Sessions: The length and dynamics of sessions adapt to individual goals and situations. Typically conducted over five to ten sessions. Supportive diagnostic and assessments for the process. 

  3. Closing Phase – Evaluation: Assessing the overall coaching experience and progress made.


Coaching Approach:

Regardless of the challenge you face, our coaching process is directed towards the whole person, employing a systemic and integral approach. It combines various modalities, techniques, and methods to challenge limiting beliefs and push the boundaries of what individuals can truly achieve and become. It shakes, transforms, and offers a multitude of methods, selecting those most suitable for each individual and team based on their characteristics.


Embark on Your Transformational Journey:

Ready to elevate your personal and professional life? Choose Povej na Glas Coaching Services and embark on a transformative journey where your potential knows no bounds. Contact us today to schedule your introductory session and unlock the path to your success!

  • Executive Coaching - top-level coaching
  • Leadership Coaching 
  • Career Coaching & Organizational Coaching
  • Communication Coaching
  • Jungian Coaching
  • Group Coaching

Experience the power of coaching – a catalyst not just for results but for fostering a thriving, collaborative organizational culture.







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