ICF accredited training for professional LEADERSHIP coaches 

Integral Coaching Certification program™ is aimed for leaders & coaches & trainers who want to extend their competencies and learn how to apply Integral theory and knowledge, agile coaching skills, and attitude to their coaching path. Become a certified leadership coach by attending a life-changing program. Organized in cooperation with The Integral Institute KA Danismanlik and Povej na Glas.



Today’s leaders face unpredictable and complex moral systems, motivation, and working styles. New approaches, perspectives, strategies, and methods must provide a fresh outlook toward the teams, the leaders, and the system to overcome these complex, unpredictable, and contradictory structures.


Until today, management, consulting, and coaching systems concentrated on one aspect regarding the issues and events leaders encounter, such as; team relations and systemic conditions, their influence, the perception that they create, and the inner dynamics involved. This has been the cause for missing the ‘Whole’ regarding approach and context for the developed solutions.


I.L. Integral Leadership™* came about to enhance the perspective and approach of leaders towards a given situation and hasten and ease their ability to see the system and themselves from a new and broader angle.


Using this perspective, the main goal of the I.C. Integral Coaching™ program is to train coaches who can support leaders during each process while focusing on the whole picture and be those who will aim to provide a positive transformation in the world throughout their careers.

Integral Coaching is an ongoing, evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive way to build someone’s competence to face life and business situations by attending to the whole person. 

This course is designed for managers, HR professionals, and executives whose central role in their organization is evoking excellence in others and who are committed to ongoing professional and personal development. 



WHAT IS THIS PROGRAM? How will it benefit you?


I.C. Integral Coaching™ is a coaching program that was designed with future-orientated holistic theories, research, and methodology rooted in strong practices and experience.

I.C. Integral Coaching™ Program consists of level I & II and I33 training hours, including ACTP as an approved coach training program certified by International Coach Federation (ICF).


  1. A powerful and research-based methodology grounded in theories, researches, and practices. You will learn methodology and coaching tools by Integral theory and systemic approach and embody coaching mindset through mastering core coaching competencies by ICF
  2. An advanced curriculum of study and practice that includes L1 5 modules and L2 1 module. (6 intensive modules). Group and individual learning enable further development process for participants with coaching practices, final exam paper & coaching demonstration.
  3. A senior teaching faculty committed to immense standards of excellence.
  4. Continuous support with the faculty and team.
  5. An individual development plan for each participant.
  6. Small class sizes and work in subgroups with open-minded professionals and leaders may lead you to have lifelong friends, colleagues, and comrades while growing, learning, and being in a safe circle. With ongoing support for mastery in your coaching competencies and leadership style. 
  7. All workshops are carried out using experiential learning methods, enabling participants to participate actively, open up a space for dialogue, exchange experience, and jointly find solutions to the challenges you face in your daily work. Working inside out and outside in addressing the whole.
  8. Learning holistically takes place at the following levels:
  • performance – physical body,
  • identity or persona, 
  • way of thinking,  
  • passion or energy, 
  • systems that affect us - the systemic aspect.
  1. A transformational program will give you systemic lenses and wisdom to balance your authority, presence, and impact. We will offer you coaching demonstrations, coaching practice, coaching supervision, and mentoring on each module and between progress, growth, and coaching style.  
  2. All-inclusive tuition with no additional fees: all sessions, books, materials, coaching, mentoring, and the certification process.
  3. Building your leadership and coaching skills and gaining your ACSTH Integral Leadership Coaching certification with the opportunity to attend the Coaching Mastery program and ACTP Integral Coaching program to become C.P.I.C™ – Certified Professional Integral Coach, which will open you the direct door of ICF individual credential ACC and PCC levels.
  4. The I.C. Integral Coaching Program has been recognized by International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours – (ACSTH) in a total of 104 hours (first 5. modules - Level 1), applicable for leaders, managers, HR professionals - gain Certificate Integral Coach.  
  5. The I.C. Integral Coaching Program has been recognized by International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program – (ACTP) in a total of 133 hours (6 modules Level 1 + Level 2.), applicable for coaches, internal coaches, trainers... Gain C.P.I.C. Certified Professional Integral Coach.
  6. Book on Integral Team Coaching, translated into English, will be a gift for each participant.
  7. Training languages - English.


Saša Pavlič: Direktorica prodajno marketinških operacij za regijo Adriatic, Tobačna Ljubljana

»Integralni pristop mi je odprl oči kako je vse povezano in da je za celovit pogled potrebno uporabiti vse 4 leče oziroma pogledati skozi vse 4 kvadrante. To mi pomaga pri vsakodnevnem odločanju v podjetju, pri gradnji odnosov v teamu in pri vodenju s pomočjo coaching tehnik. Integralni pristop mi je bil posebej v oporo v zadnjem letu, kjer nas je situacija s pandemijo prisilila v marsikatero spremembo, ki je preko omejitev in novih pravil vplivala na sistemski del in posledično tudi na vse ostale. Na naše misli, čustva, prepričanja. Na naše odnose, povezanost in običaje. Sama sem se pri svojem delu več posvečala prav slednjemu in prav zaradi integralnega pristopa uvedla nekaj novosti v teamu, ki nam pomagajo prebroditi izkušnjo pandemije in zagotavljati rezultate, ki smo si jih zadali.«


The integral approach or integral coaching means working with the whole, so we learn how to look at both the interior levels of consciousness and the corresponding exterior levels of physical complexity since including both results in a much more balanced and inclusive approach.

We are working with four domains (IOS) which are the four fundamental perspectives on any occasion (or the four basic ways of looking at anything). The “I” (the inside of the individual), the “it” (the outside of the individual), the “we” (the inside of the collective), and the “its” (the outside of the collective). The quadrants are simply the inside and the outside of the individual and the collective, and the point is that all four quadrants need to be included if we want to be as integral as possible.

Addressing four domains in a way unique to each client so that nothing essential is left out: (elements, states of conciseness, stages of development, types..). The integral approach helps you see yourself and the world around you in more comprehensive and effective ways. You will advance your understanding of human development, coaching competencies and advancing your coaching interventions by integrating all aspects of learning integral lenses and excelling coaching interventions.



I.C. Integral Coaching ™ Program CERTIFICATION L1 (ACSTH)  + L2 (ACTP)  consist of:




Module I: Essentials 


The Essentials module starts the Integral Coaching journey by providing core terminology of Coaching and Integral Methodology. 

Integral Coaching's road begins with explaining the terminologies, the Coaching, and integral methodology's cornerstones in the three-day Essentials module. This module's focal point is to outline the foundations of ICF Core Coaching Competencies and Integral Theory.

Participants will learn, experience, apply and internalize integral Coaching found within this module through a wide lens. They will embody the core coaching skills with advanced coaching techniques. Besides, they will receive feedback from experts to progress and improve said skills.


Module II: Process 


The 'Process' module focuses on Integral Theory by coaching the Emotion-Discourse-Body perspective.

This module's critical purpose is to balance the 'Doing' and the 'Being' within the client's development. In this module, participants will examine themselves and their clients in-depth; living through the experiences of emotion, discourse, and body, they will come to understand that they're in dynamic and compatible relationships. As in all modules, the two components, ICF Core Coaching Competencies, and Integral Approach will be observed, assessed, and given feedback during the coaching sessions.


Module III: Deep Diving 


The 'Deep Dive' module will put the coach and the participant deep into the experience's heart. The main purpose module is; for the coach to understand himself and the client in a holistic view, focusing on both seen and unseen value systems and using their essential coaching skills such as systemic listening and questioning. This module will integrate and apply their coaching skills collectively while receiving feedback and assessment from the trainers.

We are practicing and integrating coaching skills - experience and integrate coaching to be. Coaching practices and gathering feedback/supervision sessions are also in place.


Module IV: Spirit  


The  ‘Spirit’ module, begins with us seeing the world from the perspective of the five elements as a coach and as an individual. Within this frame, a roadmap will be created by the energy created from the internal dynamics of the elements for the coach to use in his practice. As in all other modules, the two essentials, i.e., ICF Core Competencies and Integral Approach, will be reviewed during every practice, and feedback/assessment will be provided.


Module V: Alchemy & Integration


The  ‘Alchemy’ module, relates to combining the skills, information and experiences learned in the first four modules and through it transforming them into an ‘Integrated Coaching Map’.

This module will allow participants to use their experience with a ‘trust in the coaching process’ mindset and encourage them to begin their ‘Hero's Journey’. In this module, participants will experience working with guest clients and receive assessment/feedback from the instructors.


In addition to this intensive program, you will be required to complete a series of practical coaching sessions, a self-study, a written assignment, and a live coaching day - oral exam. You will be assigned to your GPS study group for practice to accompany you in this study transformative process.

As one part of the first level program, each participant will take a final exam, have a live session with a potential client in order to exhibit their coaching skills, and receive feedback from the instructors.

With the completion of the first section of the I.C. Integral Coaching™  program, L1 - 5 modules, participants will have completed an important step in their journey to improve themselves both as individuals and as leaders and attain self-fulfillment for the future while embodying the holistic coaching approach.



     Modul 6 - Mentoring module Mastery level                 

Certified Professional Integral Coach Process – Mastery Process     


After fulfilling the first level (L1) of I.C. Integral Coaching™, in order to complete the ACTP program and receive ACTP accreditation, participants will be invited to the CPIC Certified Professional Integral Coach™ masters program.  Upon successful completion of this program participants will be able to attain individual accreditation by ICF assuming other prerequisites such as 100 coaching hours for ACC, 500 hours for PCC and CKA.


The CPIC Certified Professional Integral Coach™ process includes individual study, group study, self-evaluation development plan, coaching case study, three webinars, observation sessions, 10 hours of mentorship, observed coaching and an exam, and 30 hours of logged coaching practice. As a result, participants will achieve competence individually and collectively and along with live implementations, be well versed in their coaching competencies, and will embody them with experience.



L2 C.P.I.C. is the coaching mastery process. In addition to this intensive program, you will be required to complete a series of practical coaching sessions, individual work, a self-study, a written assignment, mentoring, and group work and demonstrate your coaching competencies through live and recorded practice. 

  1. Written Assessment – You will be required to complete a  written assessment in the form of a case study, completing and submitting three ICF core competencies and I.C. Integral Coaching™ self-assessments reflective essay, summarizing your learnings and developmental plans for your coaching practice for review with assigned faculty.
  2. Practical coaching sessions 
  3. Mentoring and observation process – You will be required to attending an online class observed by a mentor. These sessions will also include formal supervision by a professional coach under group mentoring (7h). 
  4. Individual mentoring – you will have 3h of 1 on 1 mentoring with an MCC or PCC to ensure you are ready to make a recording that shows your proficiency.
  5. Coaching log – you will be required to complete 30 hours of individual coaching between Module I (start of I.C. Integral Coaching™) and submitting a log verifying the coaching hours
  6. Final examination - Live Coaching demonstration – You will be required to submit two (max 40 min. length recorded) coaching sessions and accompanying post-coaching session reflection for review with assigned faculty  
  7. C.P.I.C.  Certification - Passing an objective and a faculty-observed coaching exam (online or face to face) and gaining certification (ACTP – 136units))
  8. After graduation, you can apply directly for ACC credentialing in ICF. No other requirements needed


Mirna Radošević, Chief Reinvention officer Salveo CEE Group
„Danas kao savjetnica za razvoj i jedna od suosnivačica Salvea nemam formalnu titulu lidera u organizaciji no nakon programa integralnog coachinga postala sam puno svjesnija svojeg utjecaja  na druge kao „tihi“ lider iz pozadine te sam značajno promijenila svoj pristup i način komunikacije sa svim osobama s kojima ulazim u interakciju. Integralni pristup mi je pomogao da ponovno postanem radoznala, da budem prisutnija i da se moja komunikacija bazira na postavljanju otvorenih pitanja kako bih omogućila veću razinu razumijevanja i povezanosti. Promijenio se način na koji slušam i ja to volim reći da više ne slušam samo ušima već cijelim svojim tijelom. Pratim dubinu daha, ton glasa, pokrete tijela, emocije i ono što osvijestim postaje baza za našu daljnju komunikaciju.   Posljedično tome se veliki dio mog radnog vremena okrenuo prema well-beingu odnosno balansiranju poslovnog i privatnog/društevnog života naših članova tima kao i naših partnera.  Organizaciju promatram kao cjeloviti sustav koji čine svi članovi tima, a zdravlje organizacije kao rezultat osobnog (emocionalnog, racionalnog, duhovnog i fizičkog) stanja svakog pojedinca. Podržavajući članove tima da urone u svoju kompleksnost, nastojim doprinijeti evoluirajućem procesu sretnih i zdravih pojedinaca koji rade u zdravoj i uspješnoj organizaciji. „




  • Sami Bugay is a Master Trainer and Master Certified Coach MCC-ICF, Registered ICF Mentor Coach, ICF ACCESSOR for PCC level, NCC - Certified Ontological Coach, Organizational Constellations Trainer, Accredited Cultural Transformation practitioner from Turkey.

    He is the author of ITC Integral Team Coaching book. Sami also mentors and develops emerging coaches as an ICF Accredited Mentor Coach. Sami’s extensive background in strategy and business management is a great asset to Sami’s current coaching practice, which includes one-to-one coaching, team and group coaching, as well as delivery of training for leading companies on leadership development, coaching, and other organizational development subjects. Sami is also faculty of The School of Life, an acting mentor in Endeavor Turkey as a member of the advisory board, trainer in Integral Coaching Institute and he served as President of ICF Turkey between 2016-18.  He is the author of “ITC Integral Team Coaching” book, recently published in Turkish and soon will be available in English. Sami developed and led the “Turkish Coaches Supporting Turkish Entrepreneurs” project which later earned the “Local Spirit Global Presence Award” from ICF International at the Annual International Conference in Montreal. Having continued his professional training and education over the years not only from coaching but deeply from Organizational Constellations, Group & team coaching, Gestalt coaching & gestalt working with groups, Jungian Coaching, ect.


    Jasna Knez is a Master Trainer, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and EIA SENIOR Certified Coach and Mentor accredited by both professional bodies, European and International. She is an Executive &  Systemic Team Coach, CPC Organizational Constellation practitioner, and Embodied approach facilitator from Slovenia. Jasna actively supporting sustainable growth and coaching profession as Vice President of ICF Chapter Slovenia.  She works as a leadership coach, coaching & leadership skills trainer, coaching culture development facilitator, and systemic organizational constellator and has been working with numerous clients and teams assisting in their transformation; trust, high performance, and resilience implementation.  Her passion is discovering people's untapped potential and creating a safe space for transformation. Her training and coaching methodology is based on the groundworks of the systemic and integral perspective, Jungian psychology, and transformative somatic coaching. She is faculty in Embody your Coaching wisdom Povej na Glas school as trainer and supervisor, Jungian Coaching School Slovenia as trainer and mentor coach, Integral leadership coaching as trainer and facilitator, and Global Team Coaching Institute as practicum facilitator. As a mentor, she supports MEPI - International Award for Young People.


    Assisting team will join the faculty.




Training dates and schedule hours:

Due to the restrictions, we postponed the start of the program to May.


1.& 2. Modules 2: 13.5.  – 16.5.2021  (9.30 - 18.00 each day)

+ extra individual online supervision 1h per module (date will be agreed with each participant individually)

+ integration and practicum (on-line)  31.5.2021 (17.00 – 20.00)


3. & 4. Modules 24.6 –27.6.2021 (9.30 - 18.00 each day)

+ extra group online supervison 

+ integration online practicum  12.7.2021 (17.00 -19.30)

+ integration online practicum 16.8.2021 (17.00 - 19.30)

Combination of in person and virtual learning


5. Module and graduation L1 (ACSTH) - 2.9 – 5.9.2021 (9.30 - 18.00 first 3-days, last day 9.20 - 14.00)


Optional: 6. Mentoring module for ones that go L1 + L2 (ACTP): 25. 9.2021 (group mentoring on-line from 9 – 16h) 

+ 3 individual mentoring sessions, scheduled with each participant and mentor coach individually


The program is run as a combination of in-person and virtual learning and practicums. There will be individual support for each participant.

If for any reason you are not able to attend training in person, you can follow via on-line.

If for any reason you are not able to attend practicum, it will be recorded, so you will need to fulfill it individually.  



NOTE: In case of restrictions we will postpone training

1.& 2. Modules 24.6 –27.6.2021 (9.30 - 18.00 each day)

+ extra group online supervison 

+ integration online practicum  12.7.2021 (17.00 -19.30)

+ integration online practicum 16.8.2021 (17.00 - 19.30)

Combination in person and virtual learning


3. & 4. Modules L1 (ACSTH) - 2.9 – 5.9.2021 (9.30 - 18.00 first 3-days, last day 9.00 - 14.00)


5. Module and graduation  1.10. – 3.10.

Optional: 6. Mentoring module for ones that go L1 + L2 (ACTP): 4.10.2021 (group mentoring on-line from 9 – 16h) 

+ 3 individual mentoring sessions, scheduled with each participant and mentor coach individually


PROGRAM FEE ACSTH (L1) + ACTP (L1 + L2)  (Accredited Coach Training Program)

INTEGRAL COACHING CERTIFICATION Certified Professional Integral Coach Process™ - L1&L2 C.P.I.C. 

(May 2021 - September 2021 group process and studies and ACSTH certification)  and ( September  2021 – October  2021 individual process of mastery ACTP certification individual process)


Program fee 

  1. Early Bird (ALL IN), gain 20% discount (save 970,00€), if you apply and pay early bird, is your price 3880,00€ + vat.
  2. Regular price (ALL IN), gain 10% discount if paid in one installment, your price 4365,00€ + vat.
  3. L1 level (5 modules acsth (104) certificate) is your price 3000,00€ + vat
  4. Student scholarship is possible. 
  5. Gain extra discount if you are ICF Slovenia Chapter member or PNG Alumni, Coaching Mastery and Embodied integral coaching & leadership wisdom, intensive students.

Early bird till 28.03.2021. Will accept only 9 participants. The program is run in English. 


Sanja Zdunić: " Ako me pitate, kako općenito donosim odluke, moj odgovor bi bio – prema mojoj intuiciji. Ako moj unutarnji glas kaže – go Sanja, ja uistinu IDEM u neki projekt bez prevelike analize i razmišljanja. Just go! Naravno, uvijek spremna prihvatiti rizik i pogreške. Krizna situacija (Covid 19) prisilila me je da sjednem i razmišljam o svakoj odluci, svakom next stepu mene kao Managera, moje kompanije i mojih ljudi. Integralni pristup pomogao mi je da intuitivno odlučivanje  nije uvijek pravi odabir. Ono što sam u krizi shvatila o sebi (“I” domain) da sam Manager koji se boji “neizvjesnosti”. Kako organizirati poslovanje bez jasnog plana, termina i rokova? Kako osigurati kruh? Naučila sam da postoji domena “ITS” koja je jača od mene, mog entuzijazma i poriva da stvari guram i pushiram.  I ta me je domena prisilila na STOP,  strpljenje i prihvaćanje.  Konačno sam razumjela vrijednosti moje obitelji (“WE” domain) – važno je štedjeti i misliti na crne dane i osigurati cash flow u mojoj kompaniji. Ono najvrednije, naučila sam uključiti druge s pitanjem (IT domain) – što ćemo sada, kako ćemo se ponašati? Strahovati, plakati, povući se ili krenuti u učenje novih skillova i pokrenuti business u novom smjeru.  To je bila izvrsna odluka!"



About methodology

I.C. Integral Coaching™ methodology was created by Sami M. Bugay (MCC) and the KA team, as part of the I.L. Integral Leadership™, I.C. Integral Coaching ™, and I.T.C. Integral Team Coaching™ based off of Ken Wilber’s AQAL model.


Bugay, who spent years in management, thought in length about leadership development and discovered coaching in 2001 which he saw as a vehicle for self-improvement. After graduating from six different coaching programs and conducting more than 7000 hours of coaching, he began to concentrate on ‘providing meaning’ to his work.

In the year 2006, Bugay was introduced to Ken Wilber and the Integral Philosophy during the Integral Leadership training in Boulder, Colorado. After working with the program for a considerable length of time, he became aware that the missing piece in his work was the inclusiveness, which is a core component in integral philosophy. Casting off from that point, he redefined it in an effort to bring ‘balance’ to the leadership development process, embrace the insight provided by lasting paradoxical circumstances, accept the dilemmas caused by the ‘unconscious self’, and be fueled by the dynamic and creative power of chaos.


Bugay, who is a prelector of The School of Life founded by Alain de Botton, is also author of the book “ITC - Integrated Team Coaching”, ICF Turkey President 2016-2018, the mentor of Endeavor Turkey and a member of the Consultative Committee, as well as the director and head educator of the “I.C. Integral Coaching ™” coaching program.





What students said about the program:

Nena Veber:  "Nič več v mojem coachingu ni več tako, kot je bilo. Na srečo.  Redefinirala sem področja, način in namen mojega delovanja v coachingu. 

Podpora predavateljev in soudeležencev v skupini je bila izjemna in traja tudi še po zaključku izobraževanja, med nami so se spletle prijateljske vezi, sodelujemo na projektih. Sedaj sem pri delu s klienti bolj pozorna ne samo na klienta samega, temveč tudi njegovo širše okolje, sisteme in področja kjer deluje in v katere je vpet. Zaradi vseh sistemskih orodij in celostnega, integralno-holističnega pristopa, so moji coachingi lahko še bolj ciljno usmerjeni in fokusirani, kadar je to potrebno. 

Program poleg izjemno bogate in strokovno kvalitetno podprte vsebine nudi izkustveno naravnanost, learning-by-doing. To je pa, poleg top predavateljev in trenerjev največja dodana vrednost. Je ni teorije, s pomočjo katere bi naučeno lahko v celoti razumel, če to ni podprto še s konkretno izkušnjo. Program je izredno močan ravno po tej plati. Zame je bilo to najbolj dragoceno. Praktično delo na samem šolanju, študijske skupine za samostojno delo med posameznimi moduli, supervizije in izmenjava izkušenj." 




Marko Knez: "Gain knowledge for life, grow as a person & leader, embody coaching mindset. The best Training I have ever attend."


Mateja: "Integralni coaching je dragocen zaradi načina podajanja znanja in praktičnega treninga. Jaz sem to doživela kot zelo strukturiran način dela, ki integrira različne izkušnje in znanja. Vsebina integralnega pristopa je bila zame nova in mi je pokazala kako enostransko običajno sprejemam odločitve in presojam situacije. Običajno sem se fokusirala nase, na svoje zaznavanje. Odlična izkušnja.





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